Benefits of a Home Energy Review

There are many benefits to a Home Space Energy Review but among the top three are;

  1. Enhanced physical, mental and emotional energy
  2. Improved self esteem and personal value
  3. Overall well being and joy with life as a whole

While the Energy Review covers the entire home, I have included a few of the easy to fix and improve upon tips below… Home Energy Review

Light: How much natural light do you have in your home? If you can grow house plants you have good natural light, but if they won’t live for you, chances are your home is natural light deficient. There is no greater source of energy than our sun and it’s not necessary to be in direct sunlight to benefit from this energy. A daily practice of opening the drapes or the blinds will go a long way toward refreshing the space of each room. While you are at it, open a window for some fresh air as well. Just 15 minutes of light and air will reboot a room’s energy.

Electronics: How many electronic devices do you have in your home? Are they all in one room or scattered about? Having even one room where you don’t have electronic energy will be helpful to your health and I highly recommend this be the bedroom. No TV or internet, just a clock radio with music in the room where you sleep. Even your cell phone needs to be at least 10′ from your bed or you are taking in these frequencies during your sleep. Add a few living house plants the rooms with the most electronic devises. Low light plants like “Mother-in-Law Tongue” or “Pothos” will do the trick.

Favorites: Do you like your furnishings? Is there a room you avoid? Look around your home and list the items you find you might want to change. Perhaps you have an accessory or chair gift you never really liked, or an area that could use some fresh color energy. Get out a notepad and jot down on one side the items you don’t like and on the other side what you would prefer instead. Next see if you can let something go and fill the space with either something new or from another room – just make sure you like your change better than what you had before. Do this periodically like twice a year will keep your home free of unwanted energy.

Fresh Energy: Is there a space that has been the same for a long time and it feels “old” and stale to you? Our homes are full of reflections of our own inner energy and as such the items inside need to shift and evolve as we do ourselves. Try changing out the colors with the seasons or holidays. Add fresh flowers on a regular basis either cut in a vase or potted ones like mums which last longer. If you can manage to do this in your space, move the furniture pieces around. It’s amazing how sitting in a new spot can open your eyes to a new perspective of your room and of your life!

Below is an example of what can happen after making the changes suggested from one of my Home Reviews…

You now have a favorite room (or space) designated as your very own with a Private Space chair that you love. It’s comfortable; it’s in the colors you love and is in a great spot by the window with all your books nearby. When you return at the end of your day, your favorite chair is waiting for you. Sitting in this space comforts you and anchors you. While you sit here you read and do the things that make you happy and you also day-dream while in this chair. One day while sitting here you realize that many of your day-dreams have come true, in fact your day-dreaming has become more of an action  planning session because you actually believe in yourself and in your dreams. You believe that you can have them come true, so you go about making them happen. You made your Home Space work for you and now your life and health are working for you as well. Self love and respect directs your actions now and your life is happier than ever.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? We each deserve to have this kind of energy for ourselves in our homes. Try out the tips I suggest and see how they make you feel. Then get yourself a full Home Energy Review and really rock your world!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


Tips for Having Workmen In Your Home

Last week I wrote about having service providers and guests in your Home Space. For today’s Tuesday’s Tips I share some steps I have taken to help me preserve my Home Space Energy during these visits. These simple steps will take about 15- 20 minutes and will not only give you peace of mind, but will secure your energetic vibration as well. The goal here is to limit what areFullSizeRenderas they will be allowed into and what they may see and observe about how you live your life.

  • Grab a notebook or your phone to record your notes. While pretending you are the stranger-acquaintance who is visiting your home soon, leave your house and re-enter using the entrance they will use to enter your home. Jot down what Home Space changes you make in your notebook or recording device so you will remember where you put these treasured items after the visit.
  • Stop and look around at your home using the eyes and ears of this imagined person as you visit all the rooms they will need to see. Notice what you have lying around your house and ask “do I want to share this with a stranger?” If not ether protect this item right away or make a note to come back and take care of it.
  • Vision boards can be covered up with blank paper or fabric or taken down temporarily.
  • Affirmations can be gathered and place in a box or envelope and re-hung after they have left. This gives them a fresh energy as well. You may hang them differently so you notice them more often.
  • You may find you want to gather up some knick-nicks to store in a box or out of way closet while the workmen/women are in your home. Perhaps you want to be sure they are not accidently broken.
  • Valuable small items should be gathered up and hidden.
  • Family photos or plans for a big trip you might have posted on the refrigerator or bulletin board should be removed or covered. You don’t want a stranger to know your business.
  • Just keep asking yourself as you move about your home; “would I share this information with the people I stand in line with at the grocery store?” If not, then hide, remove or protect this while they are visiting.
  • When you visualize your home though the eyes of the service provider you are having over you are also noticing where they need to be while doing the work you are hiring them to do and you can set this space up for easy access.
  • Close doors to the rooms they don’t need to have access to, and by all means stay nearby; not to watch over their shoulder but to be fully aware of them while they are in your Home Space.

And last but not least; if someone is sent that does not feel good to you, make an excuse right away and don’t let them in. Tell them you have a sudden family issue and have a sick child at home and must reschedule. Don’t let them in to call their supervisor; they can do that from their truck. Once your door is locked then you call and say you want someone else to come to your home. There are many reasons why you might do this from poor manners such as smelling of cigarettes, or they give you an odd feeling, or they are extremely late without calling. Just trust your instincts always!

I hope these tips prove helpful to you the next time you need a repair done in your Home Space.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Workmen In Your Home

There isn’t a home in existence that doesn’t need from time to time a visit from a repair man/woman or service worker of some kind. Perhaps it’s your TV connection that needs service, or a new phone line installed, or your refrigerator repaired. From painters to house cleaners it is vital that you “protect” your privacy when having “strange” guests into your home. I am not even talking about the obvious things we must do concerning our security and safety such as putting away cash and other valuables. This is simply common sense and you don’t want to be party to tempting someone who is normally honest and trustworthy into a misdeed. Moving Day

What I am most concerned with here is your Personal Space Energy. Many of us have vision boards up in our homes or affirmation cards on our refrigerator. Some have even created alters or sanctuaries of peace they use daily. These are the very personal items that we don’t want to share with our friends much less a service stranger. I learned this lesson one day with a very observant AC repair man who not only saw but thought it was his right to comment on my vision board. Not cool.

Respect goes both ways. You respect your visitor by preparing your home for them. You clear out the area they need to work in and prepare for their visit. And your respect yourself by securing those areas of your Home Space you want kept private and secured.

A key point to remember: You may need their help but don’t think you are a victim because something in your home has broken and you need help!! Remember you are the one paying them for their service and you deserve great respect.

Having someone into your home is a big deal. This is your private space and no one – even a good friend, has the right to be there without your permission and rules. These are people who are not privileged with a key to your home so it’s up to you to be clear on what you are willing to share with them.

There is a reason most of us “clean house” before company comes over. It’s not that we keep a dirty house but because we need to protect our privacy and energy. Our business is our own and we use our homes to process our life. Sure it’s also a common courtesy to freshly prepare our home for guests but more than that we are giving our guest a gift by letting them enter our most private space and sharing our life more intimately with them.

I am always amazed when I see celebrity homes in the magazines. I have yet to see one that I actually believed a celebrity “lived” in.  You can tell that they put their best foot forward for the photo shoot and kept their “life” from showing. I applaud because this is their private space after all. So take a tip from the celebrities and secure your home before you have stranger service providers or even friends over to visit.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Energetic Design Tips – Carpet

With the holidays coming many of us like to give our homes a bit of a face lift and one way to do this quickly is to change out our carpet. Now this can be the wall-to-wall kind or a decorative area rug. Basically “carpet” refers to fabric covering on our floors vs hard surfaces alone such as tile, wood, or vinyl. Carpet Color

When visiting a clients home to determine the best selection of carpet for their floors I would ask a series of questions that usually met with the response “oh, I never thought of that.” I tend to think in terms of the energy of things and so my questions reflect this as well.

I always start any decorating project with a notebook to keep track of my selections and to collect my thoughts in.

  • To start your search for a new carpet or rug you will want to begin at home with what you are now living with and list what you love about what you currently have and what you really dislike. Love is great energy and dislike is a message to steer clear of that choice. It might give good energy to someone else but it is not your match.
  • Note the color – love or hate? What would you rather have?
  • Note the style – shag, wall to wall, area rug, sculpted, etc – love it or hate it? What would you rather have?
  • Note the texture and how it feels when you walk on what you have now. Then when you get to the carpet showroom practice walking on different textures in the store and note how you feel. If you tend to go barefoot or in stocking feet in your home; ask the sales rep if you could walk on the samples that way as well. Make sure they add a sample of the padding as well so you get the best effect.
  • Bring home a few of the large swatches of what you like in the store. Lay them down on your floor at home and as you come and go from the room envision how it will look in the room. Make a log in your notebook of the samples you are considering listing the manufacturer, style,  name, color, lot number and cost per yard. Place a star next to the one you are selecting to buy. Be sure to give yourself 3 good choices in case the one you like is out of stock.
  • Next move the samples to another spot with different lighting. Check it out at night. Keep your note pad handy and rate them. I work with three samples at a time, sometimes 5. As soon as you can limit your possible choices to three you are then able to move on. Usually price or availability will help you make the final selection.
  • Also be sure to place the carpet up against the various other surfaces it will be installed next to such as furniture, cabinets, other flooring like wood, ceramic tile, vinyl etc. You want to make sure the color works in your homes lighting and with all the other surfaces you are still using in your decor.
  • Once you have made your selection and placed your order, ask the sales rep to order you a sample piece. You will add this to your Home Space color board to take with you when you shop for other items to coordinate the carpet colors with the rest of your decor.

Design Tip: As a design feature rugs for the floor need to balance and harmonize a room. Just as in nature most ground surfaces are darker in color than the sky. This gives the energetic effect of being grounded and stabilized. Even a white sand beach can give you the feeling of floating on air so try to make your carpet color a darker shade than your walls and ceiling. If you do chose a light color carpet then be sure to place dark furniture pieces on it to anchor the room as I did in this living room. Think of the shape of a pyramid and how the base is larger than the pointed top; that is the balance of energy you are looking for.

Many years ago there was a large luxury department store in the Phoenix area that chose to decorate the whole store in chrome and white, with white flooring as well. I remember the first time I walked into the place I felt my equilibrium go wacky. I couldn’t get my balance and think and I for sure couldn’t shop and concentrate. I left fairly quickly and the relief I felt when I stepped into the mall with its dark flooring was shocking. So I looked back into the store and took it apart from a design viewpoint and wha-la there it was…they were missing their anchor. It was all sky and no earth for grounding this space.

I hope these Energetic Design tips are helpful to you on your next project. Drop me a note and I will answer any questions you might have.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach




Portable Space

I came across this article today and just loved the concept, not to mention the attractive design…

Portable HomeThe title of this article on Yahoo was “300 Square Feet, Sleeps 8: Tiny Home/RV Hybrid to Take Wherever You Go” which I especially loved because I am always talking about how we take our Personal Space with us. The things we lay down and claim as ours are actually just an extension of the Space we always have with us…not quite like this mini home but similar in theme. We as humans with eyes in our heads are always looking outwardly. We spend most of our daily awake hours paying attention to what we see outside of ourselves, and unless we use a mirror we can forget that we are true ruler of our world; not the world we see. The world we see affects us first because of what is going on inside of us. But instead of realizing this we think the world, the people in it, and the events going on around us are giving us a good day or a bad day, but in fact the result of our day comes from the filter we each carry inside. Our personal filter is a result of many influences from our childhood training, education and experience to how we are feeling physically on that particular day. I am sure you have noticed if you are well rested and healthy you can take things in stride better than when you are tired, hungry and ill.

I wonder if the people who would choose to live in such a portable mini-home have a greater sense that their power comes from within themselves. They would’t be taking for granted the property their home sits on. They wouldn’t feel stuck in a job/city they didn’t love. They wouldn’t feel they couldn’t afford vacation because all they would need is gas to drive where they wanted to go. I would imagine they have a better sense that their personal power comes from within themselves and not from the life flowing around them. I wonder if they feel more in control or less in control.

I for one need my roots firmly planted. I tend to freak out when I do a move of my Home Space. I like putting things in their place and finding them in their spot when I need them. Yet, I would love giving this type of living a try. I enjoy getting new perspectives on living life. I find adventure is needed now and then or I get stale. If we don’t try other things, other styles of living how can we know for sure that the one we were raised with is the best one for our Personal Energy?

So I say “go for it!” If you want to trek across the US or Europe for a year- do it! If you want to live with room service and make your Home Space a hotel, enjoy!! And if you want a portable home then check out all the options because according to this article they have really come up in style and amenities. No matter what you choose always remember that your “real” Personal Space is always with you and will never leave your side and that your true power comes from within this space- your own personal real estate!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Entertainment Cleaning Tips

Do you hate house cleaning? Ever find that you are too tired and just don’t want to bother? Well….do you have a favorite TV show or movie that you tend to watch multiple times? Perhaps a sit-com that makes you laugh or an hour drama that really captures your attention? Maybe you like the talk shows or 24 hour news shows or sports. No matter what your TV entertainment of choice is, this is a tip I use to keep my Home Space in order.

Entertainment Cleaning Tips:

  1. I will prepare my favorite drink and snack and set it all up in the kitchen for easy access when I need it Sheldon's spot
  2. Next I gather all my cleaning supplies and tools
  3. Last I turn on the TV show or movie I want to listen to while I work

If I am especially tired and really don’t want to do the cleaning my home needs I will sit and watch a TV show and when the commercials come on I get up and move. If I am watching a DVD or commercial free TV I will set my phone timer for every 20 minutes, pause and work for 10 minutes or so then sit back down and watch 20 minutes more. I can vacuum during the commercials and not miss my show. This method is slower but before long I have had fun, enjoyed a favorite show or two and my house got miraculously cleaned without me getting tired.

If I feel the need for intense cleaning and fast action I will put on a show with no commercials. I choose a show I have almost memorized and that I enjoy listening to. I will clean the kitchen, dust, spot the mirrors, tidy and do everything I can that isn’t noisy while I listen/watch my show. Then I take a break with my fun snack. When I have finished with the “quiet” cleaning list I will pause my show and get the noisy work done such as vacuuming and turning over a load of laundry. Then I return to my show and enjoy the fact that my house got cleaned while I was “playing around!”

These tips work especially well in a small home but when I had a bigger home I would do something similar by tuning all the TV’s to the same show so I could “watch” as I moved about. Of course you can do the same thing with music but I find music works best if I am cleaning with someone and TV shows work better if I am the only one working.

I know these tips seem kind of silly but they really work. I even employ the TV show method on a nightly basis as I prepare my dinner, fix my food for the next day at work and clean up my kitchen. I may be tired from my work day but this gives me just the boost I need to stay on top of my chores each evening so the weekend isn’t full of dirty dishes in the sink and messes all over the place.

One of my favorite shows is The Big Bang Theory or old Seinfeld reruns. It’s like cleaning with friends because the characters have become so familiar and fun to listen/watch with. The TV or movie distraction gets the job done with enjoyment vs drudgery.

Give it a try and let me know how you like Entertainment Cleaning.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Consumer Tips

When purchasing a new item for your home whether it be décor or appliance in nature you will often find that the company selling the item will list all the features and benefits of their product. What they never tell you is what you “won’t get” or what you will need to “give up.” This type of sales is all about distraction. It’s a “look here, see this, isn’t’ this great” and don’t ask questions and don’t notice what is missing.

Steel Tape MeasurerAs a designer I often spell out for my customers what the pros AND cons of a choice are because there is nothing worse than getting that new item home only to discover the down side to the selection. Life is full of give-and-take and for most of my life I rebelled at this. I wanted to have it ALL! But maturity has shown me that a space can only hold so much before the overload ruins what is in that space. So I have learned to weigh the value of a decision and remind myself I can choose again if what I got wasn’t all that I wanted. Sometimes we just don’t know how valuable something is to us until it is gone. Life is a process, never ending and always evolving so relax and do your best and choose again if needed. Meanwhile here are some tips I have used to help my customers make the best selection in the moment.

Trouble Preventing Tips

Flexible Tape Measure – you will want one of these handy both at home and when you shop. Measure what you have in your home and write it down. Ask yourself if you want that new chair or sofa or table to be the same size – smaller or larger? Write down the size you would like. Take this with you as you shop. Just like chopping down a Christmas tree in the forest, furniture will look to be a different size in the large showroom then in your home. Always measure!!

Take Color With You: This is extremely important if you are not working with a Shop-at-Home decorator who will bring the samples to your house. Find color swatches that match the fabric of your new item. If they don’t give you a sample, find color samples that match from the paint store, fabric store or any other source you have handy – like a wash cloth. Be sure to carry it whenever you shop for other items to coordinate the colors.

Good-Bad-Ugly – with this tip you will want to look at what you are letting go of and first list all the benefits it provided that you want to keep such as “this sofa seated 4 people.” Then when you shop make sure the new item seats 4 people. Write down all the Bad things about what you own now and next to this the solution you want to find such as “this sofa shows too much lint and has too much static electricity.” This way when you shop you can tell the sales rep you need a non-static fabric. And last you want to list the Ugly which you may not be able to solve. These are the sacrifices you are willing to put up with in order to get most of what you want. For instance when I was redecorating my living room I couldn’t find a black fabric anywhere because the current style was brown in the stores at this time so I had to make a concession to this one thing while I was able to get 95% of what I did like achieved.

We will never get everything perfect- there is no such thing. Achieve all your “must haves” or “deal breaker” items and you will be happy overall with the results.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

The Cleaning Party

Do you love to clean your home? Unless you are the rare individual you most likely say “no, but I like having it done.” The problem is it won’t “be done” unless someone does it. I have never had a cleaning service for my home and I am not sure I would like it. Our Home Space is filled with our personal things and to have a stranger come in and handle it just wouldn’t feel right to many of us, not to mention the cost involved. So the next best thing I have fouind is to make Cleaning Day an event. Cleaning Supplies

I first got this idea from the Disney movie “Snow White.” Remember how she cleaned the home of the Seven Dwarfs and sang that song “Whistle While You Work?” Now we don’t have a crew of cartoon birds to help us, but we can still make it fun. When I was a in grade school I would clean house every Saturday morning with my two sisters. We were each 4 years apart so our tasks were based upon our age and capability. The older sister would set up the party by putting the stereo on loud -usually it was The Beatles playing and then she would pour us each a Coke, and fill a bowl of potato chips. Our fun food snack would be in the kitchen when we needed it and we would clean the kitchen last.

We moved through the house together working in the same room, each doing a different task and singing along with The Beatles. It might have taken us longer to clean the house this way but I guarantee it was way more fun that doing the job alone and without the “fun” elements.

I recommend The Cleaning Party for all my clients –  especially the families who have a combination of personalities living together. This way the “neat freaks” don’t feel like all the messes are theirs to clean up and the “messy” ones get help organizing their stuff. If you live with others get everyone together for a family meeting. These are best done with food and an energy of fun as well. Make a chart of all that needs to be done and how often. Then assign tasks. Try to work together doing one room at a time if you can because then no one feels isolated and overwhelmed. Place your “Plan of Attack” on the refrigerator and on the selected day and time meet in your cleaning clothes and set up your Party elements. This can be fun music or a TV show playing in the background and set up your food station. Clean the kitchen last so that when you are done even the Party is cleaned up.

Remember that the Cleaning Party is only for the combined spaces that the family shares. All private room spaces need to be cleaned by the owner of that space unless they ask for help.

If you live alone – as I do now that I have an “empty next” – you can still have a Cleaning Party. These days my Party consists of a visit to Starbucks first, then I usually put on a funny TV show I have memorized and I take my list and move from room to room. I also have my lunch all prepared and waiting in the kitchen because the whole house takes me a whole day without help. One day I may hire some help but I know I will work along side of them-ha!

I hope this helps you embrace keeping your Home Space clean and functional for all live there!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Color and Pattern Design Basics

To give visual interest to any room it’s a good idea to include some items that have an interesting pattern or texture. You can do this with the fabric on pillows or the weave of a basket. The crucial thing to remember here is to choose what you love and what is in keeping with your color scheme – and remember a little bit goes a long way! As you shop it helps to carry your colors with you in whatever form you have been able to collect them such as fabric samples, paint chips or small items that are easy to carry. Don’t try to match your color scheme using photos because the color won’t be true in your photo. Pattern Fabric

Pattern Selection

When looking through fabric pattern selections remember that you are viewing them from a small sample and are not getting the overall affect. For instance your sample might feature more blue than is actually in the overall pattern. The design of fabric has a “repeat cycle” where the picture or pattern repeats in shape and color. The repeat can vary from as little as every 1/4″ inch to as much as 36″ inches or more. You can imagine if you wanted to make an 18″ pillow out of a design that repeated at 36″ you would be missing some of the design and the same goes when it is used to cover a sofa. So choose a design with a repeat that fits your project while making sure it is the right color scheme and something you really love. The swatch you look at is only about 12 to 15 inches square so a small print that looks great on this size may look tiny and resemble dots on a large sofa. It is best to see a photo of the finished product or an example in the showroom you can take a picture of. This way you will know how the pattern looks on the item you are placing it on. What you like “up close” you may not like “far away.”

Choosing Upholstery Colors

Upholstery color is often the dominate factor in the décor of the room you are using it in. Sometimes an area rug will be the focal point and you will choose upholstery to show it off but unless you have an area rug or strong wall art in mind it is best to look at fabric for your sofa and chairs first and evolve the room colors around what you select here. The colors for flooring, walls and drapery tend to be solid background colors designed to enhance other print designs in the room so they can be chosen next.  When you find something you really love use it as your anchor for the room. This could be a piece you already own or something you discover during the dream phase of your project. It might be a painting, an area rug, a pillow design, fabric pattern or even a theme. I once did a room around the theme of desert palm trees. When you have your anchor piece then the rest of the color selections simply fall into place. If you don’t have an anchor piece to lead the way, then start with the fabric you will use on your large pieces of furniture and go on from there.

If you are not interested in fabric with a print or pattern then choosing the main color will be your first step. I have done many rooms where only solid color fabrics were chosen and the visual interest for the room came in the form of texture found in art pieces and moldings. If you have a wood paneled wall, stone work, any other pattern you bring into the room such as fabric on a sofa, it all needs to coordinate together. So start your room plan by choosing your dominate item and use it’s color or pattern to direct your next choice. If you have items you already own and are keeping you will want to be sure to coordinate them with anything new you are adding to the rest of the room.

I hope these tips are helpful to you as you work through your decorating project. Feel free to write me with your questions.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


What Temperature Is Your Color Scheme?

In last Tuesday’s post I mentioned that every color comes in both cool and warm tones. You may not have noticed this but I assure you the affect has influenced you. To keep it simple I will use a color wheel to demonstrate this affect.

The Color Wheel

iphone pics 6 119Fun Fact: every color that we see with our human eyes is actually the one that is missing. Yep. When you see “green” it is green that is absent in that item. We see color because the vibration of white light is broken or refracted and the effect isolates the vibration so that the one missing creates the hue we see. We see this affect when we view a rainbow. The water crystals refract and separate the vibrating colors in the light of the sun. Each color we see in the rainbow is the vibration that has been separated out.

Another Fun Fact is that there are only three colors! Yep. It is from these three colors that all other colors are created. These three colors are called Primary Colors and they are Red – Blue – Yellow. As you can see on the color wheel picture; it is from these three that we get orange – green – violet. As we continue to mix and blend we get more versions of the basic three.

So what temperature are the Big Three? Yellow and Red are warm and Blue is cool…except when blue is added to yellow or red then they become cool versions of these shades. When mixing colors the amount matters. If you have 2/3 blue mixed with red it will be a blue-red or a cool red. If you mix 2/3 red with blue it will be a red-blue or a cool red.

Color “temperature”

Now that you have a general idea of what colors you naturally gravitate toward I want you to notice what “temperature” your colors are. As you select items with color it’s not enough to say I am going with blue, or red, or gray. All color comes in one of three “temperatures” they are either warm colors, cool colors or neutral. Generally speaking you will want to choose all cool versions OR all warm versions of your color scheme or your color scheme will feel inharmonious.

It is important when selecting  colors for your home that you choose them all in the same kind of light. Remember color is a vibration so it will look different in various sources of light.  Incandescent light (what most homes have) is warm/yellow and fluorescent light (what most stores have) is cool/blue and they will add this temperature effect to your selections. You will want to use the same kind of lighting that you have for the room you are decorating when making your color choices and if you can make your final selections in this room all the better. Some companies will let you borrow their samples so you can see them in your home and others will send out shop-at-home sales reps with their samples.

You will notice as you look at a collection of hues that not all yellows, or blues or greens go together well. This is because some are on the warm side of the color wheel and some on the cool side. Cool colors work together and warm work together and rarely are they mixed with good affect.

To see this affect in full force go visit a paint store or paint department of a home improvement store and look at the wall of paint chips. Stand at a distance and you can tell where the cool versions of a color are and the warm versions are. Now pick one card of each of the same color, say green which is naturally cool and hold them together. Can you see and even feel how they clash? Clashing colors give off discordant energy and make us feel poorly. So stay all warm or all cool in your color scheme or a mix of one with neutral will work as well.

If you live in a cold part of the world you might find you gravitate toward warm color schemes and if you live in a hot part of the world like I do in Arizona you might find you prefer cool color schemes.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach