Stored Energy in Our Furnishings

Have you ever notice how emotional moving our furniture can be? Even if we are excited to make the decorating changes or move to a new location, we will have grief surface because one thing has to end before the new thing can begin. It’s the energy of transition we feel and when we move our furnishings our “roots” get disturbed. There is another reason grief arises when we are moving our furnishings, the energy that is stored in the items we own gets stirred up when we shift them around or pack and move.

11-2012 Sedona Election Trip (245)This is how it works. You have items that are in plain sight but you don’t notice them anymore because you are used to them. When you move them to a new spot suddenly you see them with “fresh eyes” and you might not like what you see. Memories of who gave it to you, or when you bought it surface and suddenly you are overwhelmed with emotions like joy, sadness or repulsion. Now these feelings are great in that they help you to know if you want to keep an item or not, but they can be overwhelming at moving time. If possible try to review all of your possessions before you move and eliminate the ones that you won’t want in your new space. This way that old energy doesn’t move with you.

Next you have items that are special keepsakes and you most likely have them boxed up. High school yearbooks, photos of vacations, mementos etc. As you open them to see what you have and where it will go in your new space, you suddenly are swamped with memories and emotions. If your life is going great then your reminiscing will be a little depleting but sweet. However if your life is not quite where you thought it would be “by now” you might compound your moving grief with self-judgment. Again going through everything before you move will help alleviate this and you can grieve and release in your old home so your move itself is less stressful. However if you can’t to that then I recommend you give yourself permission to leave some things boxed up and slowly go through them over the course of a few months.

I have a three part method for sorting through all my possessions;

  1. Set up an area for “give-a-ways” where you can collect items and then donate
  2. Set up another for “maybe keep items” – this is to give you time to process if you want to keep them or donate them
  3. Keepers- when you know for sure you want an item, put it where you want it to be as soon as possible. If I do this before I move I will label my floor plan with the furniture piece so I can tell the movers where it will go.

Take the “give-a-ways” to the thrift shop each time your car is full. Keep moving this stuff out. Don’t even think about having a garage sale unless this is a thing you love to do because you won’t get as much money as you think you will get, and this just adds to the to-do-list that you already have too much on.

What can be done to dissipate and heal all the memory energy in our possessions? I like to use smudge sticks. I will light a scent that has the energy I want to apply such as sage for purification and I will waif the smoke over the items and hold the intention of letting the old memories go. If I am keeping items I will then use another scent that puts a blessing on my items. Your local metaphysical store will have more information on how to do this. Also my favorite author on this topic is Denise Lynn. Check out her books and website for more energy healing information.

Energy is an invisible component to our lives and understanding how to work with and manage it can really help our overall health and vitality. Good luck with your next moving or clutter clearing project!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©




Entertainment Cleaning Tips

Do you hate house cleaning? Ever find that you are too tired and just don’t want to bother? Well….do you have a favorite TV show or movie that you tend to watch multiple times? Perhaps a sit-com that makes you laugh or an hour drama that really captures your attention? Maybe you like the talk shows or 24 hour news shows or sports. No matter what your TV entertainment of choice is, this is a tip I use to keep my Home Space in order.

Entertainment Cleaning Tips:

  1. I will prepare my favorite drink and snack and set it all up in the kitchen for easy access when I need it Sheldon's spot
  2. Next I gather all my cleaning supplies and tools
  3. Last I turn on the TV show or movie I want to listen to while I work

If I am especially tired and really don’t want to do the cleaning my home needs I will sit and watch a TV show and when the commercials come on I get up and move. If I am watching a DVD or commercial free TV I will set my phone timer for every 20 minutes, pause and work for 10 minutes or so then sit back down and watch 20 minutes more. I can vacuum during the commercials and not miss my show. This method is slower but before long I have had fun, enjoyed a favorite show or two and my house got miraculously cleaned without me getting tired.

If I feel the need for intense cleaning and fast action I will put on a show with no commercials. I choose a show I have almost memorized and that I enjoy listening to. I will clean the kitchen, dust, spot the mirrors, tidy and do everything I can that isn’t noisy while I listen/watch my show. Then I take a break with my fun snack. When I have finished with the “quiet” cleaning list I will pause my show and get the noisy work done such as vacuuming and turning over a load of laundry. Then I return to my show and enjoy the fact that my house got cleaned while I was “playing around!”

These tips work especially well in a small home but when I had a bigger home I would do something similar by tuning all the TV’s to the same show so I could “watch” as I moved about. Of course you can do the same thing with music but I find music works best if I am cleaning with someone and TV shows work better if I am the only one working.

I know these tips seem kind of silly but they really work. I even employ the TV show method on a nightly basis as I prepare my dinner, fix my food for the next day at work and clean up my kitchen. I may be tired from my work day but this gives me just the boost I need to stay on top of my chores each evening so the weekend isn’t full of dirty dishes in the sink and messes all over the place.

One of my favorite shows is The Big Bang Theory or old Seinfeld reruns. It’s like cleaning with friends because the characters have become so familiar and fun to listen/watch with. The TV or movie distraction gets the job done with enjoyment vs drudgery.

Give it a try and let me know how you like Entertainment Cleaning.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

The Cleaning Party

Do you love to clean your home? Unless you are the rare individual you most likely say “no, but I like having it done.” The problem is it won’t “be done” unless someone does it. I have never had a cleaning service for my home and I am not sure I would like it. Our Home Space is filled with our personal things and to have a stranger come in and handle it just wouldn’t feel right to many of us, not to mention the cost involved. So the next best thing I have fouind is to make Cleaning Day an event. Cleaning Supplies

I first got this idea from the Disney movie “Snow White.” Remember how she cleaned the home of the Seven Dwarfs and sang that song “Whistle While You Work?” Now we don’t have a crew of cartoon birds to help us, but we can still make it fun. When I was a in grade school I would clean house every Saturday morning with my two sisters. We were each 4 years apart so our tasks were based upon our age and capability. The older sister would set up the party by putting the stereo on loud -usually it was The Beatles playing and then she would pour us each a Coke, and fill a bowl of potato chips. Our fun food snack would be in the kitchen when we needed it and we would clean the kitchen last.

We moved through the house together working in the same room, each doing a different task and singing along with The Beatles. It might have taken us longer to clean the house this way but I guarantee it was way more fun that doing the job alone and without the “fun” elements.

I recommend The Cleaning Party for all my clients –  especially the families who have a combination of personalities living together. This way the “neat freaks” don’t feel like all the messes are theirs to clean up and the “messy” ones get help organizing their stuff. If you live with others get everyone together for a family meeting. These are best done with food and an energy of fun as well. Make a chart of all that needs to be done and how often. Then assign tasks. Try to work together doing one room at a time if you can because then no one feels isolated and overwhelmed. Place your “Plan of Attack” on the refrigerator and on the selected day and time meet in your cleaning clothes and set up your Party elements. This can be fun music or a TV show playing in the background and set up your food station. Clean the kitchen last so that when you are done even the Party is cleaned up.

Remember that the Cleaning Party is only for the combined spaces that the family shares. All private room spaces need to be cleaned by the owner of that space unless they ask for help.

If you live alone – as I do now that I have an “empty next” – you can still have a Cleaning Party. These days my Party consists of a visit to Starbucks first, then I usually put on a funny TV show I have memorized and I take my list and move from room to room. I also have my lunch all prepared and waiting in the kitchen because the whole house takes me a whole day without help. One day I may hire some help but I know I will work along side of them-ha!

I hope this helps you embrace keeping your Home Space clean and functional for all live there!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


Have you ever tried to find a needle in a haystack? How about when you are in a hurry, on a deadline and need something fast but you just couldn’t find it because the place where you left “it” is a mess?

Junk Drawer

This photo is a pictorial representation of “frustration” especially when you apply the above scenario of trying to find what you need – your “it” item in this drawer. Now I realize that we all have what we call the “junk drawer” in our homes or in our desk but this poses an energy problem for our life if we don’t organize and tidy it up now and then. It especially poses a major problem if this is the only drawer in your desk/office or if every drawer looks like this.

The urge to “toss and go” is so compelling that most of us will do this believing it saves us time, and for the most part it will; but only if you go back asap (as soon as possible) and put the “it” away where it belongs. Otherwise that time saved in the current moment will cost you more time in the next moment if you can’t find the “it” you tossed four days ago!!

As a Virgo – (I know we can be a bit anal but here me out) I am not perfect either, in fact I can create clutter as good as anyone however, I do loath being frustrated and I have discovered this parallel in my life. If I start having frequent occurrences of life frustration and irritation I only have to go to my cabinets and drawers to see if this photo is what I have inside because nine times out of ten I have clutter and messes behind closed doors. Funny thing is that I discovered I don’t have to apply any energy to fixing any of the messes in my outer life IF I take the time to tidy up my drawers and/or cabinets. When I do this step first all or most of the frustration in my life: job- relationships – finances will “miraculously” resolve. I have proven this tactic so many times that I now require it of my clients when they express the need to feel less rushed, frustrated and irritated in their daily routine.

I got the inspiration for this blog on a day I had attracted a temp job where the word messy took on new meaning. This is one of those places that is lovely on the outside but open a cabinet or drawer and you run the risk of being hit in the face! There are so many wonderful organizing tools to help us put order in our spaces that I was shocked that they did have nice organizing trays below the mess but were buried under the clutter!! So what gives here? Its an attitude and mind-set that says “I just don’t have time to put it where it goes!” Either that or they didn’t feel they were valuable enough to stop and take the time to make the space work for themselves. Either way I have news for you…you DO have time and you will either take it up in the moment using up mere seconds or you will use it up later taking 1000 times that much time (maybe even days) plus you will drain your energy reserves and create havoc all through your life.

So is that 5 – 30 seconds worth it to put items exactly where they go? Yes, most of the time and when it isn’t then create a “sub-routine” just like in our computer systems to check your spaces either once a night or once a week. I usually wrap up my day this way and for sure I wrap up my week this way. When I do this it also sends a signal to my brain that I am done with work for now or whatever my task was. Endings are needed in order for new beginnings to come our way. Leaving a mess says “not done” and I for one want to put my messes to rest!

So that’s all for now…I am done 🙂

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Do What You Can and Drop the Rest!

We are moving through a series of moves (pun intended) in my family as the New Year begins, (homes, and jobs) which is why my usual Tuesday/Thursday blog posts were delayed. There is simply way too much going on. And that brings me to today’s tip.

Do What You Can and Drop the Rest!

No matter what we have “planned” for our day, week, month, year or life we can only ever be doing the-next-step and sometimes what happens when we take the-next-step changes our path for a while. It’s important to have a plan in place, but be open to surrendering it to go with the flow in the moment.

When you are moving your Home Space you will find just how much this space (which most of us take for granted) really serves and supports us. I think of it like a plant being pulled up out of the ground without loosening the soil. The roots break and are exposed, and until it is set back in its new space and has time to heal and adjust to the changes, things can feel really shaky.

This energy shift is similar to a hanging wind chime mobile; when you move just one item hanging on a string, they all end us shifting. So when my daughter decided to move out and get a new Home Space of her own she started a chain reaction for herself and for me whose home she was sharing.

Moving Mess For her the “roots” of her Home Space were pulled out and placed in a new spot and trying to get everything she owns to fit and work is a major task. Then there is the adjustment of so many things you don’t realize you were used to like an electric stove vs. a gas one or windows in bathrooms vs. ceiling venting fans and the list grows. Most of what you get when you choose to move you love and the rest you adjust to.

The energy shift I am going through in my Home Space is a bit different than my daughters experience of her “roots” being disturbed. I am dealing with the “empty nest” syndrome which I will write more about as the year progresses and I discover first hand just what that is like to live through. All I can say for now is that if I am feeling a bit “wrecked” emotionally. Then I wonder…here it is for me that just two children have “flown” the nest, how did my poor mom feel when she had ten leave? Whew!! At least we are alive to experience this and for that I am grateful.

Back to my original point; moving our Home Space is so vital to our well-being that until we get things settled (which can take weeks) it’s important to cut yourself some slack and stop trying to meet all the items on your regular daily life’s “to do” list – unless they are vita. For instance eating is vital but being on a diet it not. Stretching and keeping your body loose and limber is vital but your daily exercise routine of jogging 3 miles might not be. Cut back on your usually activities and adjust as much as you can. It’s only for a few weeks and soon you will find your Home Space taking shape and that your outside life begins flowing smoothly once again.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©