What is Your Personal Color Match?

Do you have a favorite color? Maybe it’s green, but what shade of green? Is it a color that reminds you of the ocean such as Sea-foam green? A dark forest Hunter green? Or perhaps Lime green? If you don’t know what your favorite color is try this experiment: iphone-pics-6-109.jpg

Color Test:

  • Do this for about 3-5 days
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are good times to try this but any time will do
  • Visually scan where you are sitting and see how many different colors you can find
  • Notice which ones feel like “non-colors” or they just blend into the background. This happens often with browns and grays.
  • Try to find a color that evokes an emotional response and make a note of it with your cell phone or notebook. A strong “oh, I love this!” response or a “yuck” response are worth noting. You can even use your cell phone to take a photo of the colors you get a reaction to.

After your 3-5 days are up (go longer if you haven’t found a color that makes you feel joy) you will want to look over your photos and see if you can name one shade that is your absolute favorite. You will know because you will either be smiling when you look at it or will feel an inner smile of joy, it just makes you feel good. Don’t be shocked at your emotional response to color. Color is after all an illusion of vibration. All color originates in white light and the only way we see a color is when it is refracted OUT. Yes I did say “out” and this means we “see” the color that is missing. Nuts right? But that’s science for you, kind of mysterious.

So back to your reaction. Color is a frequency and when you land on one that gives you joy you have found your match…at least for now. This could change over the course of your life. You might stick with green but the shade of green might shift depending on how your vibration (yes you are vibrating as well) clicks with the colors vibration. It’s all energy; you, the world around you, everything in it, and once we recognize this energy we can use it to keep ourselves happy and healthy.

Once you know your favorite color (or colors) check your home decor and your wardrobe – is this color anywhere in sight? Start by adding this color to your home, wardrobe, car and office space in whatever form you want; such as pillows, towels, flowers, candles. Chances are if this is your favorite color it will give you an energy boost to have in your own vibration such as on your body or in the room with you.

Sometimes when I am doing a healing I will “see” a color in my mind and know this is what I need for my therapy. I will pull it up on Google to gaze at while I work or choose to wear it for the day if I own an outfit in that shade.

I hope you have fun with this little color experiment and find that it is an easy, fun way to boost your energy when needed.

By the way my childhood favorite color was blue- I used up that crayon shade the fastest 🙂 It’s the (top) blue shade on the bottom left of this photo. As an adult I collect cobalt blue glass so my “blue” has evolved just a bit. And wouldn’t you know it, this same blue is considered a “power” color for my wardrobe as well.

Let me know your favorite color and if it has changed from childhood.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Tips for Recognizing Your True Desires

It’s important to keep two things in mind when choosing what items you want for decorating your home; first understand where your authentic choices come from, and second be certain you able to recognize when you are not listening to your authentic voice. Heart Desire

No matter how you have been conditioned by society to think, feel, or behave, deep inside you dwells a voice unique to you; this is the authentic voice of your own true heart. I am not talking about the heart that pumps blood and keeps your body alive. I am referring to the one that keeps your spirit alive. Your true heart speaks to you through your deep feelings, your intuition and your instinct. It is from this place that we get that “zing” feeling of recognition that tells us we have found something that we love.

We can mask the voice of our true heart. We can cover it up and ignore its messages. We can place others opinions over our own. However, if we want to enhance our personal power in this world we must listen and follow our own authentic voice. This is where our real energy comes from, for in the core of our true heart lies our destiny, our unique purpose and the meaning for our life.

How can we recognize if we are listening to our authentic voice or to the voice of society? Listen to see if it is based upon what you want to do or what you think you have to do. If it is what you want to do then freedom is the root, if you are following a “should” then fear is the driving factor. Once you make the connection you can then change your decisions. Below are some examples of behaviors you might find that stem from the conditioned/fear based voice of society.

It is fear based when you ….

  • add an item to your home decor because it was a gift and you feel you have to display it
  • you choose a color scheme that you don’t like but you think you need it to be “in style” with the current trend
  • there is not a single chair in your living room that fits your body comfortably (think Goldilocks, too small, to tall, too short etc)
  • there is no place in your entire home where you can go to just think or quietly read a book because you think you must always be at service to those you live with
  • always answer the phone and don’t let it go to voice mail when you are busy or are taking a break
  • see an accessory, painting, chair or any other furnishing that really calls out to you but you dismiss or ignore it because others wouldn’t like it
  • notice that your home is decorated to show off for guests instead of being comfortable to you and your family
  • can’t even leave magazines around for fear of being yelled at (especially if the yeller doesn’t live with you anymore)
  • feel ANY kind of discomfort or feeling of unrest while you are in your own private home…

I highly recommend getting an inexpensive letter size notebook, and begin writing down your thoughts about why you are doing these or other fear motivated actions. Talking out your troubles can be therapeutic too, but writing engages the brain more powerfully and when you write out your fear it is easier to deal with. Sometimes talking it out with a friend only serves to underscore and feed the fear. But go with what works best for you. Just check to see if you feel relief after a session of heart to heart talk and if you feel worse, try writing. You will be surprised how easy it is to get clear just by acknowledging the actions you are not happy with.

Remember to always go for what you really want in your home décor and claim it for yourself. Good luck and let me know how you are doing on your own project.

Thank you for reading my blog!

’till next time.
Ginger – Marie
Your Personal Space Coach



Energetic Design Tips: Getting Organized

A room can be a big project to decorate and a whole house a major ordeal to complete which is why designers and architects are masters at organization. We are also skilled at creating a miniature version of our vision. It’s impossible to cart around all the items we want for the space we are decorating so the use of notebooks, samples, file folders and a camera are essential tools if you want the job to be successful.

Tips for Organizing Your Decorating Project

Create a Color Board: you might have seen an example of a Color Board (one of many organization tools we use) on display at a corporate office or resort that is undergoing remodeling. The purpose is to show the board of directors or the public what changes are coming and what the general design theme will be. For custom homes, color boards are often done to coordinate all the colors and textures going into the project to ensure that they work well together – and to give a record of what you have ordered to compare with the items when they are delivered. For my personal home I made a mini Color Board which fit perfectly in my 3-ring binder project book. Work in Progress

Create a Project Book: For a home or room project a mini color board will do the trick. I will create a project book with pages of samples on boards instead of one cumbersome large board. I use 8 ½ by 11 sheets of poster board (or you can use any kind of thick cardboard) and glue mini samples of paint chips, carpet, wallpaper, counter laminate. It isn’t easy to make the entire background of the board in the color of your walls but if you can that is awesome for your walls are usually the largest example of color in a room. Do not glue anything down until you are certain they are the exact selection you are choosing. You can add plastic sleeve pockets to your binder which will hold the loose samples until you are ready to glue them down.

Take Good Notes: keeping a record of all the samples you love can be overwhelming so this is what I recommend. Choose your own style for organizing your work; you might like just keeping everything in one of those accordion file folders with the Velcro tabs ready to go in your car. Or you might like the 3-ring binder with pockets that I use. Whatever plan you use be sure to make notes on everything you collect: write down where you saw the item, where you can buy it, color, style name, sizes, bar code, cost anything at all that you might need to know if you decide to return and purchase this item.

Take Pictures: use your handy cell phone when you see what you like take a snap of it and make a note in your phone of where you saw it etc. (see step above) Then once a week print up the pictures, transfer your notes and place them in your file under the correct room.

Review and Compare: Once a day or week depending on how fast you are moving through this process, open up your folder and review what you’ve collected. If you still like the item then decide which room you would like it in and if this is all for one room then skip this step and go to the next. If you are sure you want this item for your current decorating project then either three hold punch it to fit in your three ring binder or add it to your accordion file under the correct room.

Before you know it you will have your entire room or home completely “decorated” miniature style and all you have to do is begin purchasing when you are ready to proceed.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Drop me a note and let me know how your decorating project is going.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


Energetic Design Tips – Color

Color is a quick and powerful way to add energy to your Home Space and is best done with a plan in mind – here are a few tips that will get your plan off to a great start.

Tips for Choosing Color:

  • Starting out fresh? – begin with 3 of your favorite colors first and see what items you can find that use these shades. Three is a good start and won’t overwhelm your space with conflicting energy. Remember color is actually a vibration so keep it simple.
  • iphone-pics-6-109.jpgIf you already have your home established and need to update with some new fresh colors, then you will want to first gather samples of the colors you currently have and are keeping. This way you can easily incorporate a new shade that is harmonious with the rest of your décor. Paint chips, fabric samples and washcloths are a great way to create samples of the colors you already are using and are easy to carry with you when you shop.
  • Colors change according to the lighting used. Fluorescent lighting will add a blue hue to your colors and incandescent will add a yellow hue. So it’s important to view all your possibilities from your own home and in the very room you will be adding the item to if possible.
  • Paint Color: You might be out one day and see the perfect color you were looking to paint your walls in but it’s in a child’s toy or on some old book cover. Buy it if you can and hang on to it. Most hardware stores can now match paint color to any sample you can give them. If it catches your eye then find a way to make a record of it.
  • Once you have decided on the color palate you want to use for your home, gather your samples and head to the paint department. Choose paint swatches that match your fabric, carpet, accessory colors and take them home.
  • Get some cardboard (I use the back of used legal pads) cover the board with white paper and then begin arranging your color swatches on the board. Group the colors you will use together and organize them by room if you are doing more than one.
  • Once you like your color arrangement and you can see that the colors work together – glue them down and write what items will be in those shades (carpet, wall paint, sofa fabric, pillow, candles etc)
  • Remember when choosing your color pallet to consider the “view” your room presents. Ask yourself what other rooms are visible from this space? Example: Recently I did a “three-in-one” room section of my home which included the entertainment area, eating nook and kitchen. Since the décor for all three were visible to each other I displayed all 3 spaces on my Mini Color Board together and labeled them. This helped me to keep the color scheme the same (or at least compatible) in all three rooms. The entertainment area was mostly green, eating nook was blue and the kitchen was blue and red. I made sure my accessories for all three created a blend. Blue throw and pillows in the green space, red in the blue nook and green plants in the kitchen created a harmonious flow of the “great room” space.

Now that you have your color theme chosen it will be much easier to shop because you have a plan already in mind and simply want to find what fits your plan. The Mini Color Board will be easy to carry with you as well and if the colors look great in your home when you match them in the store they will work in your home as well.

I hope you found these tips helpful!

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach



Benefits of a Home Energy Review

There are many benefits to a Home Space Energy Review but among the top three are;

  1. Enhanced physical, mental and emotional energy
  2. Improved self esteem and personal value
  3. Overall well being and joy with life as a whole

While the Energy Review covers the entire home, I have included a few of the easy to fix and improve upon tips below… Home Energy Review

Light: How much natural light do you have in your home? If you can grow house plants you have good natural light, but if they won’t live for you, chances are your home is natural light deficient. There is no greater source of energy than our sun and it’s not necessary to be in direct sunlight to benefit from this energy. A daily practice of opening the drapes or the blinds will go a long way toward refreshing the space of each room. While you are at it, open a window for some fresh air as well. Just 15 minutes of light and air will reboot a room’s energy.

Electronics: How many electronic devices do you have in your home? Are they all in one room or scattered about? Having even one room where you don’t have electronic energy will be helpful to your health and I highly recommend this be the bedroom. No TV or internet, just a clock radio with music in the room where you sleep. Even your cell phone needs to be at least 10′ from your bed or you are taking in these frequencies during your sleep. Add a few living house plants the rooms with the most electronic devises. Low light plants like “Mother-in-Law Tongue” or “Pothos” will do the trick.

Favorites: Do you like your furnishings? Is there a room you avoid? Look around your home and list the items you find you might want to change. Perhaps you have an accessory or chair gift you never really liked, or an area that could use some fresh color energy. Get out a notepad and jot down on one side the items you don’t like and on the other side what you would prefer instead. Next see if you can let something go and fill the space with either something new or from another room – just make sure you like your change better than what you had before. Do this periodically like twice a year will keep your home free of unwanted energy.

Fresh Energy: Is there a space that has been the same for a long time and it feels “old” and stale to you? Our homes are full of reflections of our own inner energy and as such the items inside need to shift and evolve as we do ourselves. Try changing out the colors with the seasons or holidays. Add fresh flowers on a regular basis either cut in a vase or potted ones like mums which last longer. If you can manage to do this in your space, move the furniture pieces around. It’s amazing how sitting in a new spot can open your eyes to a new perspective of your room and of your life!

Below is an example of what can happen after making the changes suggested from one of my Home Reviews…

You now have a favorite room (or space) designated as your very own with a Private Space chair that you love. It’s comfortable; it’s in the colors you love and is in a great spot by the window with all your books nearby. When you return at the end of your day, your favorite chair is waiting for you. Sitting in this space comforts you and anchors you. While you sit here you read and do the things that make you happy and you also day-dream while in this chair. One day while sitting here you realize that many of your day-dreams have come true, in fact your day-dreaming has become more of an action  planning session because you actually believe in yourself and in your dreams. You believe that you can have them come true, so you go about making them happen. You made your Home Space work for you and now your life and health are working for you as well. Self love and respect directs your actions now and your life is happier than ever.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? We each deserve to have this kind of energy for ourselves in our homes. Try out the tips I suggest and see how they make you feel. Then get yourself a full Home Energy Review and really rock your world!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


Workmen In Your Home

There isn’t a home in existence that doesn’t need from time to time a visit from a repair man/woman or service worker of some kind. Perhaps it’s your TV connection that needs service, or a new phone line installed, or your refrigerator repaired. From painters to house cleaners it is vital that you “protect” your privacy when having “strange” guests into your home. I am not even talking about the obvious things we must do concerning our security and safety such as putting away cash and other valuables. This is simply common sense and you don’t want to be party to tempting someone who is normally honest and trustworthy into a misdeed. Moving Day

What I am most concerned with here is your Personal Space Energy. Many of us have vision boards up in our homes or affirmation cards on our refrigerator. Some have even created alters or sanctuaries of peace they use daily. These are the very personal items that we don’t want to share with our friends much less a service stranger. I learned this lesson one day with a very observant AC repair man who not only saw but thought it was his right to comment on my vision board. Not cool.

Respect goes both ways. You respect your visitor by preparing your home for them. You clear out the area they need to work in and prepare for their visit. And your respect yourself by securing those areas of your Home Space you want kept private and secured.

A key point to remember: You may need their help but don’t think you are a victim because something in your home has broken and you need help!! Remember you are the one paying them for their service and you deserve great respect.

Having someone into your home is a big deal. This is your private space and no one – even a good friend, has the right to be there without your permission and rules. These are people who are not privileged with a key to your home so it’s up to you to be clear on what you are willing to share with them.

There is a reason most of us “clean house” before company comes over. It’s not that we keep a dirty house but because we need to protect our privacy and energy. Our business is our own and we use our homes to process our life. Sure it’s also a common courtesy to freshly prepare our home for guests but more than that we are giving our guest a gift by letting them enter our most private space and sharing our life more intimately with them.

I am always amazed when I see celebrity homes in the magazines. I have yet to see one that I actually believed a celebrity “lived” in.  You can tell that they put their best foot forward for the photo shoot and kept their “life” from showing. I applaud because this is their private space after all. So take a tip from the celebrities and secure your home before you have stranger service providers or even friends over to visit.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Bread Crumb Clues

Just like Hansel and Gretel in Grimm’s Fairy Tales we too leave clues to help us find our way home again. Every day as we go about our business we leave “bread crumb”  clues for ourselves and if we noticed and used them they would lead us home to our True Authentic Self.

ClueYou might ask “what in the world is she talking about now? and What is a “bread crumb clue?” These clues come in the form of feelings and actions such a mild irritation, or stomach upset. They might come in the form of a cold or sinus attack. They can even come disguised as food cravings.

In our Home Space the clues are usually invisible to us but obvious to an outsider. For instance if I visit a home and find there are a lot of dishes in the sink or laundry in the laundry room I am able to notice and see this objectively because I don’t live there, and the items don’t belong to me. I may not know the reason for these events but it will be clear there is an unresolved issue. The people who live there might not “see” the dishes and laundry anymore because they are ignoring or dismissing it out of habit. Only the person who leaves the bread crumb will know what the message from their authentic self might be – but only if they stop and take an objective look now an then at what is going on around them will they even be able to see what is in front of their eyes.

Here are some common clues we may find in our Home Space. Look at each one and ask yourself if this was happening in your space what would the message mean for you?

  • A closet full of clothes all mixed together
  • A closet full of clothes organized by color
  • A closet full of clothes organized by type of item such as pants, skirts, jacket
  • Books on the shelf – some standing some turned backwards some lying down
  • Books on a shelf with the title facing out, straight and standing
  • Books on a shelf organized by author and type of content, straight and orderly
  • Pictures hanging straight on the wall, spaced together as a unit
  • Pictures hanging crooked on the wall with the glass full of smudges

This is just a quick sample of what I observe when I visit a home and the reasons behind each event are varied and diverse. There is one common element among all of them; when we stop to notice what we normally ignore or dismiss we can learn valuable information about what is going on in our lives and within our own psyche.

To give you a personal example: for myself a closet all organized means I am having a good week where I don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed. My closet gets messy when I have too many things unfinished in my life and I find if I will stop and organize my closet or drawers I suddenly feel better – as if I found the silver lining around my dark cloud. Soon the rest of what is going on in my world settles into order. Either I start getting more done because I am feeling better, or something happens and the item is deleted from my “to-do” list. Taking time for myself to do the little things makes a big difference in my overall energy.

What do your “bread crumb” clues say to you and are you willing to listen?

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Home Space Self-Reflection

Our Home Space is a mirror reflection of what is going on inside of us and this reflection vibrates out into our life creating what we claim we deserve by what we let ourselves have in our own home! Reflection

If we don’t let ourselves have, do and be what we want in our very own home, how can we expect to attract what we want in our life such as in our relationships, our jobs and our life experience? Here are some questions to consider and the possible Life Space results…

Home Space Review

A Home Space Review will ask you to consider these types of question…

  • Do you have any items of furniture you can’t stand in your house? Perhaps it is a color or a pattern you hate or something doesn’t fit and feel comfortable to you. Unless your reason for keeping these items is that they belong to others who live with you and this is a healthy compromise you are making can you see how holding on to items you don’t like could attract in your daily life events, situations and people you don’t like as well?
  • Do you have a room or rooms that you avoid or prefer not to be in? Can you list the reasons why you might feel this way? If you don’t face what you are avoiding in your home what likely hood will you face things you don’t like in your outside life?
  • Do you have rooms that you spend a great deal of time in and do they energize or drain you? You might find you frequent favorites places for lunch and even sit at the same table for coffee when it’s available.
  • Think about your furnishings; do you have items you chose yourself or were they hand-me-downs from family until you could afford what you really wanted? If they give you a bad “poor me” feeling is there any way you could jazz them up so that they felt fresh and new to you? This might reflect in your daily life with frequent “I can’t afford” that comments and feeling undervalued at work.
  • What colors are your rooms done in? Do these colors feel good to you? Do you also wear these colors as clothing? Wearing your favorite colors – the ones that look good on you is a great energy boost and is also one when you decorate your home with these same color.

Once you become aware of the energy drainers in your home and make changes to improve the overall feeling of your Home Space, you will find changes in your life occur automatically. For instance you might start seeing improvements in your relationships, career or health. When we begin to take notice of how we treat ourselves in our private spaces and take steps to improve our personal energy field, positive changes will ripple out into the rest of our personal space expression.

These questions are just a tiny sample of what I do for a Home Space Energy Review. Try applying these questions and making changes and see if you don’t notice improvements in your life as well.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


Energetic Design

There is a transfer of energy which occurs when we enter a decorated environment whether indoors or outdoors and I call this phenomenon “Energetic Design.” To give you a quick sample of what I am talking about try to recall how you felt the last time you walked into a public arena say for a baseball game or a theater for a play or a Starbucks for a coffee…now hold that feeling in your mind. Now recall how you felt the last time you walked into a library. Do you feel the difference in your body? These are extreme examples that are also defined by the fact that they are group settings versus private settings, so the dynamic is more powerful. But this example gives you the picture I want to talk about. New Bell Starbucks (1)

This is the energy I am speaking of when I discuss how you take up space because this taking -up-of- space includes the furnishings, colors and decor you surround yourself with. It also includes the colors and style of clothing you wear and it includes the “story” behind the items you own and surround yourself with.

Our Energetic Design “speaks” to those who see you even before you have said a word to them. For example the Goth style of dress some young adults wear, you know the all black look with heavy makeup, body piercing and colored hair. Without even saying a word the “energy” of their expression is speaking for them and depending on who is present the reception could be “cool” or “yuck” and will cause the recipient to either approach this Goth decorated person or back away. These are prejudices of course but that is what Energetic Design does, it creates in us a moment of “pre-judging” or first impression which may or may not be the full story. It is part of the story and we need to be aware of what Energetic Expression we are projecting to be sure this is an honest example of our truth or we could find we are being misunderstood.

The energy of furniture placement is what Feng Shui is all about and commercial building designers have been using the energy of color deliberately for years. Science tells us that the color red will encourage people to be hungry so you will often see red in restaurants.

One way to apply Energetic Design for yourself is to notice as you go about your week how the different places you visit make you feel. When you find a place that feels really comfortable to you, stop and break down the elements to see why this is. Perhaps it is the color they use or the type of furnishing, or the amount of window space that appeals to you. Doing this can help you as you decorate your home to be sure to include some of these same elements.

Years ago I discovered I tended to gravitate toward restaurants, business and stores that used a lot of green indoor plants. The other common decorating element here is window space to give the plants the light they need. So now I know that large open windows with gardens inside and out are important for me to have in my Home Space.

There are a few chain restaurants that I avoid eating at even though I love their food. The common element here is hard wood tables and chairs with tile floors without any soft fabric on the furniture, walls or windows to absorb the echo. I get a headache just standing in line to get my food so no way am I going to eat there!!

My local library has great seating, wonderful window lighting and a quiet environment EXCEPT they chose florescent lighting that hums loudly so I don’t spend time there either.

These are just a few examples of things you can notice about your environment and discover if they give you energy or take it away. Being conscious is the first step to making the changes you need to really energize your life.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach