Right Brain Guide to Your Dream Career – Part 1

In the last two Tuesday Tips I went over some steps you can take to find a career/job you love. I won’t go over them here or mention why you might want to do this (I am sure you can imagine why on your own.) For this week I want to show you how to access your Intuitive Wisdom which lives in your Soulful heart and is accessed by using your Right Brain and get connected to work you love.

For this practice you will want to get in a room by yourself where you won’t be interrupted. Have your journal or a notebook handy to write your thoughts down and then take the List of Jobs (you have held)  and the List of Skills (you have mastered) that you created last time, and while you look them over ask yourself these questions and answer them using the Free Form Writing technique. This is where you write without editing, you write fast and you write whatever comes up without any filters. It is best done by hand but you can use your computer if you wish.

Intuitive Wisdom Questions with Free Form Writing

  • If I was doing this work every day ….add in your top 5 favorite skills….. what might the job be called? Write down whatever comes up, even if its completely odd sounding a made up.
  • If I was going to create a job that used these skills….add in your top 5 favorite skills ….. what might I call it-who would this work be for….describe all that comes to you.
  • Do I know anyone (personally or famous) who is doing these skills (your top 5) on a daily basis for money? If yes, jot down who they are.
  • Now, as quickly as you can, write down any jobs that come to mind either working for someone else or as an entrepreneur for yourself that would use some or all of your favorite skills. Don’t eliminate any possibilities, don’t ask if you’d like the job and definitely don’t eliminate an idea because you don’t think you are qualified.
  • Next apply the “I wonder” phrase to your statements….such as; “I wonder where I can find a job that uses these skills,” “I wonder what a job using these skills might be called,”
  • Add any other statement you have in your mind, just start it with “I wonder” because this switches from your Left Brain which might not know the answer to your Right Brain which holds the larger more creative view of life.

For this next week you will want to monitor your language when you either think about or talk about wanting a new job. Instead of saying “I just don’t know what I want to do next,” you will add at the end just one word…”YET!” And you can also add “I wonder” to the start of your thought or statement but in case you forget, just pop in a “Yet” because this will help to keep you open. Let’s face it, if you already knew consciously what new work you wanted to do you would be doing it or going to get it…but you feel blocked. So it means something new and until now un-imagined is waiting for you, so it will take opening up your Right Brain to bring it into focus where you can see it, and go get it!

I send you many blessings of love and light as you journey to your next better career/job!

’till next time,
Ginger Marie
Your Personal Space Coach


Career Solutions

Last week I gave you my “Career Questionnaire” tip on how to use all the jobs you have ever held and turn them into a guide for helping you to find new work you will love doing. We made a list of all the jobs you have ever done, broke them down into skills needed to do the job and then categorized them into skills you love doing vs. don’t love doing.

Journal Writing

Having a job we love is important because our job or career takes up most of our time and energy. We spend over half of our day and more than ¾ of our waking hours on the job; either getting ready for it, driving to or from it, or working at the office/location itself. If you put in 8 hours on the job you have actually put in 9 because you had to take a lunch most likely with coworkers – so no personal time there. Then add two more hours for drive time and prep for work. That ends up being on average 11-13 hours of your day and we still need 8 hours of sleep which means only 3 hours left of free time. So not only is doing the work you love important because you have a unique gift to share with the world, it’s important for your overall health and energy they you enjoy your life!

Career Solutions Guide:
  • Take your “Career Questionnaire” from last week and look over the list of skills you created. If you haven’t made a third list of just the skills and talents you love to do make that list now.
  • Next to each skill or talent see if you can imagine a job or opportunity that uses that skill – write it down
  • Go on-line and Google that skill or talent. Your search might read…”jobs that use x-y-z- talent” and see what you find and note them down
  • Circle any of the job opportunities you found that sound good to you
  • If you are feeling the connection with any of the careers/jobs that you saw – go online and visit a job search website and see if you can find any jobs posted that use the skill set you want to offer. If you find something you like work up a resume next and apply.
  • If you are not ready to apply you can note down where these jobs are and do what is called an “informational interview.” This is where you list the questions you have about this position or company, call and make an appointment for the interview and meet with them to learn more about the career. There are tips online for creating a good interview list.

Until now we have been working with your Left Brain and are being very logical and through. Our next task is to use our Right Brain and get more intuitive because it is from this side of our psyche that our passion for life comes from and we want a new job that we feel passionate about. Feeling passion is a sign your Soul Space has been activated.

Next Tuesday Tips I will take you through a Right Brain exercise to help you get the career of your dreams!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Car Space

I love my car. I really mean it. She has a gender, a name – Ruby Tuesday Picard, and I actually celebrate her birthdays. Ruby turned “Sweet 16” recently and since I couldn’t take my usual road trip due to work, I took her through a Starbucks drive-thru for a chocolate cookie…okay the cookie was for me but Ruby got to be on the new TV monitor this Starbucks has…so that was special-lol

Ruby Sweet 16Unless you also treat your car as a family member you might think I am a bit strange, but to me it makes perfect sense. You see our cars act as a shield or force field that supports us as we “space travel.” Yep, I said “space” travel – what else would you call my ability to go 80 miles an hour down a freeway, especially at night where I can barely see a few hundred feet in front of me? We travel through time and space faster in our cars than we could on foot, horseback or bicycle. The next fasted we could go would be inside of an airplane and then of course a space ship. But I for one don’t want a rocket moving me about while I am connected to a road with traffic-ha!

In any case my point is, I take my life in my hands each time I start up my car and drive her someplace. I am counting on her tires holding up, her steering and braking systems to function and for the windows to work so I don’t get hit by bugs or birds (I feel sorry for motorcyclists.) Because I have a car I can go places! I can get a job across town, drive to the ocean or bring my groceries home before they spoil. I don’t have that freedom if I ride public transit. I am not knocking public transit for it is a wonderful system – it’s just that I have more freedom with my own transportation vehicle…more Personal Space freedom/empowerment.

Car Space has it’s own energy as well. Many of us use our cars as a second home; we use them as an office, we eat meals in our car, even sleep in our car and of course many of us have made love in our cars. 🙂  The front passenger seat or the back can be loaded with boxes and files and items we need to do business while on the road. I got a RAV 4 so I could cart my large canvas paintings, and my fabric samples when I was an active designer.

My car Ruby has been super reliable for the past 16 years. Very simple to keep going with no major glitches, and I am eternally grateful not only for the safety she provides, but because I haven’t had to waste time getting her to the garage for repairs. I can count on my car and this means a lot to each of us.

Our cars reflect and support our personalities and our life styles. They are a shining example of our expression of our Personal Space energy and they enable us to empower our dreams by transporting us where we need to go.

Now can you see why I love my car? Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Ruby!

Write back and tell me about your car.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Career Questions

Have you ever wondered if you are working at your best career? Perhaps you don’t love your job, but you don’t know what you might like better. This restless feeling hits all of us from time to time. My theory is we are in our perfect job at our perfect time right now…until it’s time to change. Everything that happens has a gift and benefit for us – so don’t bemoan your current situation, bless it and use it as information for moving on and getting something better. There are clues all around you, and here is what I have done to get a job/career I would love. FullSizeRender

Career Questionnaire:

  • Grab a legal pad of paper and a pen. Look back over your life and create a list of jobs (paid and volunteer) you have had using three columns that you title – Loved – Just Ok – Hated. Take your time; perhaps give yourself a week to do this. Start in chronological order and go as far back as you can. Yep, include that lemonade stand when you were a child. Basically a “job” is anything you did that others benefited from or depended upon you to do such as babysitting, surgery, answering the phones etc. Keep bosses/co-workers out of this evaluation if you can, and just look at the work you did. Be sure to list everything you did, especially the work you didn’t get paid for. For example say in High School you were in the band…was playing in the band a “Loved” or “Hated” work experience? As you remember a job place it under the category that fits it best.
  • Number your list of jobs from first to current in chronological order.
  • Take a separate sheet of paper from your legal pad, and as you look over the 3 column list of jobs, start jotting down the different skill sets you needed to do the jobs in the “Loved” column. Start with the first and work through to the last but if you find a matching skill set instead of writing it down again just put the job number next to it. This list will give you a good idea of what your current skills and talents are. For example the Lemonade Stand – if your Mom made the lemonade for you then don’t include that part of this jobs skill set. Did you sit at a table taking and filling orders? Did you make the sign advertising the sale? Did you go door to door inviting people? Were you shy and quiet and did the pouring? Did you enjoy the set up and the take down of the stand?
  • After you work through the “Loved” list of jobs, go through the “Just Ok” and “Hated” lists and note down what skills they used. Just add their job number to a skill you already listed or write in a new skill if needed.
  • Now you want to look at the list of skills you have learned, mastered and offered as a service to others. Stop for a moment and pat yourself on the back for learning so much and being so valuable to others in your life.
  • Next circle all the skills you really love to do. These are the ones you could happily do all day long.
  • Next underline the skills you don’t necessarily love but don’t actually mind doing from time to time.
  • Take a different sheet of paper and list down all the skill sets you just circled. Notice we are no longer talking about a job title or career, just the skills and talents you actually enjoy doing. You many notice there are a ton of things you are able to do and do well, but you don’t really love doing them. No job will give you only what you love to do, but the idea here is to get at least 60% of what you love doing to be a part of your work day.

Now that you have your list of what you love to do you will begin to play with it. Next Tuesday I will give you more tips for how to turn this list into a job you will love.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©


Feeling Self-Conscious

Feeling self-conscious is quite common for most of us from time to time. However the way we handle self-consciousness can vary greatly. When some feel that tingle of being watched or judged it makes them angry, others just brush it off. I imagine a sociopath barely feels it at all since their conscience mechanism appears to be turned off completely. I can’t know how another feels or what causes them to have that sensation of discomfort… and it is an uncomfortable feeling to be sure, but I do have some tips for managing it. Ginger at Work

I have it right now as I write this blog. I am doing some temp work that only requires phone answering and I was encouraged to keep myself busy unless they found work for me. So I take this time to focus on my writing.

The reason I am self conscious today is because I am sitting in a “bird cage” type of reception desk. Except for the desk in front of me I have nothing solid as an anchor…no walls and no roof to speak of since this is a showroom and the ceiling is two stories up with floor to ceiling windows.  I have people moving around me on all 4 sides. They either walk in front as they enter the building, or walk along side of me down the aisle to my right or up the winding open staircase. But the most disturbing part is that there is a desk right behind me where my temporary boss sits. This is also where everyone comes to make copies and since I am not looking that direction I get startled each time they show up. Or they come directly behind me to get files. This is a Feng Shui nightmare of an office to be sure. lol

Yet, I am enjoying my time here. I have mastered my self-consciousness.

I have learned over the years to enhance my energy field before I even leave my home and I have special steps I take when I get to the work place I am visiting. Since my Home Space fully empowers me, my energy leaving the house is strong enough to support me as I go out into the world.

Tips On Enhancing Your Energy Field in Public-

This starts before you leave the comfort of your Home Space. Basically you want to “arm” your Body Space with good vibrations before you head out.
  1. Wear clothes that make you feel good, the colors that make you feel attractive and the shoes and clothes that are most comfortable
  2. Bring items from home that empower and comfort you – for me it is the supplies I need to to the job for the day plus my favorite snack foods.
  3. Once on location set up your work station with a few items that make you feel “at home.” Today I have my personal coffee mug and thermos full of Starbucks coffee. … a favorite covered water bottle and my favorite ink pen.
  4. I filled the empty desk drawer next to me with my reading, writing and art supplies.
  5. I am obviously on-line but I went into the system using Google’s Incognito system so my browsing won’t be stored. I do this both for myself and for the receptionist whose computer I am using. She want’s her favorites to pop up when she returns,not mine.
  6. Next I take the first alone moment I can get at my desk and I begin to reinforce my energy field with visualization techniques. I start by focusing my attention on my heart and “see” the light inside expand until it surrounds me about 15 feet. This not only sends a blessing of support to me – it also blesses all whom I encounter should they be open to this positive energy.

If you happened to see Gandalf in the first “Lord of the Rings” movie when he was fighting off the Bellroc, then you can visualize what I am doing. I “see” a white ball of brilliant light all around me. This ball of light is something we all have (our aura) and it is centered in our Heart Chakra. For some they feel is just below the heart in the Sacral Chakra area. Basically it is our Soul Space energy which is always with us. Being conscious of this energy makes it expand. For me I have personalized this energy and call it my “love bubble” which I re-empower each morning in my “Bookend Routine” practice I do to maintain strong energy all day long. (see other blog titled “Book-ending Your Day”)

Okay. So now I am empowered and ready to have a wonderful day. It’s all up to me. No matter what goes on here I have my energy up and ready to go. I know this system works for me so if you try it out let me know how it works for you.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Home Away From Home

Having our Home Space decorated, organized and maintained in the manner that serves us best is vital to our happiness and well being; not only in our home but in our day-to-day life as well. I tend to travel a great deal as I often take contract temp jobs to supplement my income. Some weeks I travel to a different office every day. I also love taking short day trips or close to home “stay-cations.” No matter where I go whether it is for a single day or an Home Officeovernight stay, I need to feel empowered and comfortable so this means I need to have a solid hold on what it takes to make me feel “at home” away from home.

I have a little practice I do before I go on a trip or to work at a temp job. I learned the hard way that if I don’t prepare I will miss something that I need because I have taken it presence for granted. This happens  because I am so used to having whatever it  is handy in my home or home office space. Live and learn. These tips work for going on vacation or for any other time you are taking up space in a temporary environment.

Tips to Being  “At Home” on Location-

  • Grab a notebook and pen
  • Get quiet in a room by yourself where you can concentrate
  • Sit in a comfortable chair and visualize your time away from home in your mind
  • Using the notebook I will go through my days activities, listing what I may encounter such as…”cold office, casual jean dress code” or  if it is a vacation I will list the days and events like “afternoon tea, amusement park rides etc.” This activity list will start the process of prompting my mind to know what I might need to be comfortable in each kind of environment
  • Next I begin to list the items I’d like to have handy that are usually found in my home (like the chair pillow, tissues, hand cream etc)
  • I will break up my time in three parts  – Morning, Day and Evening for vacation or for a job I call it Snacks, Lunch, Misc needs

This actually takes more than one session to get correctly because we really do tend to just assume what we need will be “there” for us because we make sure it is in our homes. I have found that once I am focused on the away-time list I will think of things as I go through my day and jot them down.

For my temp jobs I have a notebook and a section for each of the companies I do repeat work for and the list of what I need for each job. I also have a general list of needs. Having done this once and updated it when needed I don’t have to do the visualization tip anymore. I have it covered. It’s only when a new element is introduced that I have to readjust. Then the day or night before I am to leave for a job or vacation I gather everything up even pre-pack it if I can. I will also leave myself a list of last minute items to add on my refrigerator just in case I have to leave in a rush.

I know a few frequent travelers who actually purchase duplicates of what they need so their traveling suitcase stays partially packed and ready for the next trip. This reminds me of William Wrigley Jr. of the Wrigley gum fortune. We have a Wrigley mansion in Phoenix , AZ where I live and once when I was on a tour of the mansion I learned he had about 5 of these homes all over the world, designed and decorated the same so he and his family would feel at home no matter what location in the world they were visiting.

I hope this helps you the next time you need to make a satellite location your “home away from home.”

till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Empty Nest Report

Earlier this year I mentioned that I was going through the process of having an “empty nest” – that phenomenon that is unique to the Baby Boomer generation. I say “unique” because this didn’t happen as often to the older generations since they didn’t live as long. I decided to look up the term on Google and oh boy is there a ton of information! In fact there is such a thing as… “Empty nest syndrome… which according to Wikipedia…is a feeling of grief  and loneliness parents or guardians may feel when their children leave home for the first time, such as to live on their own or to attend a college or university. It is not a clinical condition.”  I couldn’t find a particular person who coined this term, but the term began sometime in the 1970’s, which coincides with the aging (vs. mid-life death) of the Baby Boom generation.

1-1-12 family holiday (25a) Yellow Submarine family!I find this fascinating and somewhat comforting which is why I do this kind of research. It’s nice to know I am not the only one going through this grieving/transition/adjustment period. I can learn from others success and also add my own wisdom as I go through the process. I see this as a “helping hand-up” of anyone who cares to listen. For each of us who will go through this period of adjustment the process will be unique, so to share our story not only helps us but might help another lighten their load.

One of the most helpful things I have heard was the fact that many women who are post menopausal and empty nesters are finding a new freedom, new energy and a rebirth of life unlike any they have known before. I am finding this as well. It’s as if I am 17 again starting off on the adventure of leaving home and starting college only this time I have financial backing (savings, home etc) and I have wisdom gained! If only I could contact “past Ginger” and tell her not to be so afraid; that things really will work out. But alas all I can to do is live forward and make sure I apply all the skills I have had the benefit of learning.

So as I find myself starting month four of my “empty nest” adventure, I present here what I hope will be a helpful report to others….

  • The grieving period has passed!
  • It was kind of fun how that happened. I have never had grief leave in this fashion before. As I began to move my items around the house taking up all the space for the first time instead of a closet here or a cupboard there, I felt sadness briefly, then giddy at being able to spread out.
  • Then as I witnessed my two children thriving in their separate lives I began to feel like I had achieved a great feat- like a graduation. I mean after all, I was always raising them to leave home….a fact I often told them as I “trained” them to wash their own clothes, dishes and how to drive a car. So goal achieved!
  • I also discovered that by embracing the grieving it processed faster! It’s important to grieve when major change occurs. That is how we shift gears, release the old and open a space for the new. Then as soon as I could, I began to find what about this new change I was grateful for and this opened the space for a new dream.
  • My space has shifted. I am stretching out and a new dream is forming!!

… to be continued. Life is an ever changing adventure after all!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

Victim or Empowered?

It is my heartfelt desire to expand the way we think about the phrase “personal space” to include the actions we use when living our lives. For the most part when I read or hear about “personal space” in the media today the topic is about our body space. The focus on airline passenger space and “man spreading” in the subway systems comes to mind as they are the recent topics of the day. There was even a recent blast about the “personal space dress” to ward off physical attack of women on dangerous big city streets. While it is true that these discussion are all about our personal space, it is a limited view of the topic, and this means while we hold this narrow view we then have limited personal power and energy.

Basically my take on Personal Space involves asking this question..How do you take up the space of your life? Are you in charge and empowered or are you a victim and using all your energy to defend yourself? 10-3-08 Flagstaff Day Trip (44) - arboretum

For the past twelve years I have been a part-time temporary employee doing office support work. When I go to a new company to take over their front desk while their receptionist is on vacation, I am temporarily taking up their space. I sit at their desk and do at least some of their work for them and over the years I have seen just about every type of empowerment and victimization imaginable. From putting up with violent and volatile managers who would swear and yell at their employees, to being taken out to lunch to share in a birthday celebration for someone I just met! You seen even the company we work for has its own Personal Space- energy dynamic that sets the pace for their workers. Some make sure you get your 15 minute break on time and your hour lunch as well; while others have no back-up system at all and say eat at your desk there are no breaks.

When we show up for a job we think its up to the management to set the pace but it’s not. We do that by either going along with the status quo or speaking up for ourselves and our unique needs. If we speak out we may be an important change maker for the company dynamic or we may get fired. Either way we continue on and get to take up space our way. And if we get fired then that job was not a good match for us and over time we would find if we stayed and went against our value system that we lost more and more of our personal power and energy. Don’t let the short term rejection upset you. Remember “rejections are your protections.” What you reject protects you and what rejects you also protects you.

Live from the inside out. Be sure of who you are and what you want…to live boldly or as a slave. You will find that the more you live your values out loud though your actions that you then attract more of what you like and want. You won’t need to wear a personal space violence repellent dress because you will be internally protected and you will project to the world around you that you won’t be messed with.

My recommendation for us all is to expand our awareness of our space and how we live in it and this includes our thoughts, our body, our actions and of course how we set up our home because if we can’t get just what we want in our own home how can we expect to obtain it out in the world?

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©



Celebrate Yourself!

I just celebrated my half-Birthday! Unless you too celebrate this day for yourself, you might be going “what???” and for the first 30 years of my life I would have totally agreed with you. Then I had a daughter who’s birthday was just a few weeks past Christmas, and she felt this cheated her out of fun and gifts somehow even though I reassured her it didn’t. She was a fan of the children’s magazine Highlights and one day she read that people like her who have birthdays with other holidays nearby often celebrated their half-Birthday to make up for sharing their special moment.

For a while I thought she was a bit silly, but then the idea took hold as I watched how she made sure her half-Birthday was a fun day for herself. She didn’t have much luck getting others to treat the day like her “real” birthday, so she took over the job of celebrating it herself. What I learned watching her over the years was that she was making an important statement… that we don’ t have to wait for others to love us-we can do it ourselves! This was a great example for me to observe. She even went so far as to make my half-Birthday and her brothers special with little and big treats. Celebrate You

It is an excellent Personal Space energy booster to celebrate yourself. It’s not conceited or vain and in fact it is necessary if you hope your family and friends will celebrate you. We show others by our example how we want to be treated. Do you celebrate yourself on your Birthday or half-Birthday? How about when you get a promotion, or finish a big project or buy a new car? We all say we want to have happy fulfilled lives but if we don’t celebrate our successes and happy moments then when are we going to have that “happy life?”

Each day we receive good news and gifts. Don’t believe me? Then I suggest you start reviewing what happened during your day – I do this each evening. It’s simple. First –  each morning as you get dressed or meditate say “thank you for the good news and gifts that are on their way to me today” then go about your business. Give is a few days or start that first night and ask yourself “what good news or gift did I receive today?” I know this works because I tried it after learning about it from Rhonda Byrne in her book The Magic and I still do it daily. Sometimes it’s the next morning when it dawns on me that I got good news. It might be that a book you ordered is in, or that a friend got the job they wanted, or that you won a scratcher ticket.

If is often said that we get more of what we focus on …so how about it? Do you want more reasons to celebrate? You can start by celebrating yourself. You can do this by celebrating your half-Birthday if that appeals to you, or do it by expecting good things to come to you each day –  maybe post on social media the good news/gifts as you start noticing them. I guarantee you are already getting them, but by noticing them and acknowledging them you tell the Universe you want more of this in your life.

Go for it! Be as happy as you can be, and then get happier. Meanwhile  “have a very merry un-birthday” as Lewis Carroll wrote in Through the Looking Glass. (Alice in Wonderland)

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach©

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!

I found this post from last year that is still meaningful today so in keeping with the holiday energy of “time off” I will re-post it today. party lights
As you know, this blog is all about how we take up space in the world… our very own personal space and today I became aware of how much our history our unique collection of personal experiences affect the space we fill in the present moment.

I spent the last day of 2013 in typical for me fashion; I stayed up till midnight, toasted the New Year and then slept in until late morning. As I made plans to watch the Rose Bowl Parade (which I recorded on my DVR knowing I wouldn’t be awake for it live) and prepared a favorite New Year’s Day brunch, I scanned through the TV channels to find something to listen to while I prepared my meal when I hit upon something that triggered a fond memory of my past personal space expression.

There was a live hockey game called The Winter Classic on NBC and they were playing outdoors in Ann Arbor Michigan which is a stone’s throw away from where I was born and lived my first 14 years. I had to stop and watch as I was totally captivated by the snow falling on the arena and memories flooded my mind. I recalled how often we didn’t get snow for the holidays and how sad that was and a day like this would have been pure magic to my younger self. Playing snow games, building forts, making snow angels etc. There is nothing like hot chocolate on a day like this.

And then I couldn’t stop laughing. My current Arizona self wouldn’t last 15 minutes fully layered in winter gear in that 20 degree weather which they said felt like 4 degrees.
How far I have come to being a true desert rat-ha! Over 40 years of enduring 110 degree summers has left my blood vessels close to my skin surface which keeps me cool in the summer and wreaks havoc on my body if I go where it is cold. I adapted from being able to handle the cold to being able to handle the heat. You can’t have both without time to adjust in the middle which is something like a few seasons for the body to condition to the extreme change.

I no longer have the deeply embedded cells that would keep me warm in cold weather and I admit sheepishly that my teeth will chatter if I am out in 30 degree weather up north. This is something that would never have happened to me in my childhood. I was cold weather adapted back then, now I am desert heat adapted. My body-personal space no longer belongs in a winter Michigan arena watching hockey, but my fond memories do and isn’t that a wonderful thing? To be able to go back in my mind to a happy moment in the snow without getting cold! I marvel at how rich this makes my life to have had such diverse experiences to carry with me into the future. It makes me wonder what will come next? What will be the new fond memories I collect as I embark on the new year ahead? What adventures await I wonder.

Happy 2015 New Year to you all! I hope you are filled with happy memories that you carry with you wherever your current personal space takes you. It is all a part of making you who you are; own it all and love it all and build new fond memories as you go along!

Blessings to everyone reading this post now and in the future!
Your Personal Space Coach©