What Is Your Brand?

Have you ever considered yourself as a “brand?” I sure haven’t …until recently that is. It seems to be all the rage these days to “brand yourself” and I find it a bit confusing and not a little odd. Although when I think about our Personal Space I realize that it is actually natural to think we each have a unique brand or style, because we do. However we are also flexible and evolving so I image a “brand” you give yourself this year might not fit you in ten years. PSC Logo

The key to successful “branding” I believe lies in our core values. What do we stand for? What do we believe in? What matters most to us? By answering these questions we can find the theme behind our “brand” even as we evolve and change over time. For instance say you valued organization and all your possessions and work habits lay claim to this value. Then your “brand” would be “a naturally orderly and tidy man/woman.” Be careful not to let other’s brand you. Only you can know for sure if a label or value is true for you. Also be willing to change over time, for as our circumstances change so does our focus. Listen to your heart and you will always be rooted in your own personal truth.

Currently I am attempting to create the “brand” for my Personal Space Coach program. I know that my program is an unconventional way of looking at the Personal Space we all possess so I wanted to find a way to show this in my logo. Although it is still in the process of being finalized, I know for sure it will look something like this.

The core of my program stems from our Home Space. I believe and have experienced how our Home Space can either support our life or interfere with it. We can learn so much about ourselves by observing how we take up space in the rooms of our own home and when we make changes to improve our Home Space Energy our Body Space – health, our Life Space – dreams and our Soul Space – spirit and passion are all enhanced as a result. So I knew a home shape was needed in my logo, but how to represent the rest?

As usual when I pose a question if the answer doesn’t come right away I will let it go for awhile. Then when I least expect it an answer will come to mind. Sure enough while journaling one morning I got a clear picture of my Personal Space Coach logo. This is what came to me.

  • A large outside circle – to represent our Souls Space
  • A house with a chimney – to represent the Home Space we create in the world to support ourselves and the chimney represents our passion
  • Inside the house shape I put a star shaped human form which represents Body Space. I have the head connected – no line separating head to shoulders to represent the open energy from heart to mind. I like the star-human shape because it represents that we are each the “star” of our own life story.
  • I have the Body Space star-human with its arms spread out wide to represent our energy going out into the world which is our Life Space. This star-human is expressing its energy out wide to say… “This is MY space!”
  • In the center of the star-human is a circle with a heart which represents that Soul Space is both within us and surrounds us (large outer circle) and that our link to the Divine comes through our heart. Our best energy and empowerment comes from having a Soulful Open Heart.

I’ll let you know when the final logo is complete, meanwhile what would your own brand-logo look like? Something fun to consider.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


Expand Your Personal Space

Expanding your Personal Space is the expression of your personal empowerment in action. Expanding your space only works if you have first explored what it means to be the authentic you and then put those things you learned about yourself into daily practice. That’s right, Personal Space is a practice; it is the practice of being you, the practice of taking-up-space your way. And just like learning how to cook or drive a car, over time you will do what it takes to be you in the world automatically, instinctively even. Expand Your Space

Your inner bossy-ego voice that tells you to “be like the crowd” will know to keep quiet and save its breath because you are so anchored and confident in your true self your ego can’t sway you any longer to go along with the crowd.

Once you are this firmly established in the practice of being yourself openly, you can have great success at expanding your space. This means moving out of your old habitual “culturally correct” routine and entering the world in a new bold and uniquely “you” manner. And you do this while remaining true to your core values and true self. You will know how be spontaneous and navigate in new territory because your inner senses are fully tuned and can lead you on. In other words you will have a fully active internal compass which will always point you in your true north position.

Expanding your space is not about influencing others. It might seem that this is just what you are doing but that is the ego’s illusion. Expanding your space is more like singing out your Soul’s song vs. just humming it to yourself. Your Personal Space energy is a vibration that is there all the time. It surrounds you and keeps you in tune with yourself, even while you are in the company of other vibrations and tunes – like multiple radio waves that surround us at any given moment. They are invisible to the eye and unheard by the ear unless a tuning device is used and a particular channel chosen. You see, anyone who is influenced by you is in charge of their radio station selection. THEY tuned into you so it’s on them to be influenced by your tune …. or not. Never take credit for another’s success, it can never be yours. It’s all theirs for tuning in and then receiving the message you proclaim. Your credit comes from you sharing openly your Soul’s song with respect for yourself and all others.

So how do tune into yourself, empower your unique voice, and expand your Personal Space power? It starts with a simple practice you do in your Home Space; the Private Power Spot. This is a room or a chair in a designated spot in your home that is all your own. No one else uses this space and you fill it with the things that matter most to you. Once you have your designated spot you begin by spending time here. This is quiet contemplative time. All the other spaces of your life are full of engagement with others, either in person or on TV so this space is just for you. Write, draw, read or just day dream. The point is to get quiet so you can hear the inner voice of your Soul which has all the answers to any question you may have on your mind. Its download, refresh and reboot time and just 15 minutes a day can greatly improve your energy and happiness.

If you don’t have a Private Power Spot check out my website for the free book where I go into detail the methods I use to create one for myself and my clients.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach




Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a phrase we use and it is good advice. Yet how many of us judge ourselves “by our cover” and usually we find ourselves lacking? Don't Judge a Book

Each morning we wake up and get ready for our day. We check on our appearance (our book cover) by looking in a mirror as we do our hair, put on our make-up and get dressed. When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and said “hello beautiful!” or “looking good!” to yourself? Why not I wonder? We do look good. How do I know this? Because God doesn’t create ugly! The Universe is overflowing with massive varieties of beauty. From the pug-nose face of a mix-breed dog, to the wild eyes of a fly, to the various sizes, shapes, colors and styles of human beings. If only one style, one color, one shape or “one-size-fits-all” were true then the Universe wouldn’t be so chock full of diversity would it?

Even if you are home with the flu or covered in a rash you are still beautiful. Beauty is value and it goes far beyond the face we carry, or the style we wear. Our true beauty is the total package of us…our thoughts, our generosity, our health and what we create and share with the world. Do you remember Mother Theresa and Princess Dianna? Now on the one hand if we were going to “judge a book by its cover” we would say that Dianna was beautiful and Mother Theresa was homely and not so attractive right? And wouldn’t we be mistaken! There isn’t a person alive who encountered Mother Theresa who would say she was anything but beauty in action. Love is true beauty and Mother Theresa taught the world by her actions how to express love beautifully! Now Princess Dianna was beautiful as well both in fashionable style and in deeds. She started out as “book cover” beauty and became the full value of beauty by her actions over time. Mother Theresa never expressed herself in fashion beauty but then her life mission didn’t require that, while Princess Dianna’s did.

So don’t get caught up in the package. Go deeper and see the full picture and I guarantee you will find beauty within and by noticing it you allow it to bloom even brighter!

The next time you find yourself critically judging your appearance STOP and remember there is more to you than that “bad haircut” or whatever you are judging yourself about. Begin listing all the qualities you possess you are proud of. Count your blessings instead of your wants. Do this in front of the mirror and before you know it you will see the beauty that you truly are shine forth from the sparkle in your eyes!

One of my favorite authors calls this sparkle “Soul Shine” which is exactly correct. So get your Soul Shine up to full power before you leave for your day and I guarantee your energy will soar and your day will be as beautiful as you are!!

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


Home Space Self-Reflection

Our Home Space is a mirror reflection of what is going on inside of us and this reflection vibrates out into our life creating what we claim we deserve by what we let ourselves have in our own home! Reflection

If we don’t let ourselves have, do and be what we want in our very own home, how can we expect to attract what we want in our life such as in our relationships, our jobs and our life experience? Here are some questions to consider and the possible Life Space results…

Home Space Review

A Home Space Review will ask you to consider these types of question…

  • Do you have any items of furniture you can’t stand in your house? Perhaps it is a color or a pattern you hate or something doesn’t fit and feel comfortable to you. Unless your reason for keeping these items is that they belong to others who live with you and this is a healthy compromise you are making can you see how holding on to items you don’t like could attract in your daily life events, situations and people you don’t like as well?
  • Do you have a room or rooms that you avoid or prefer not to be in? Can you list the reasons why you might feel this way? If you don’t face what you are avoiding in your home what likely hood will you face things you don’t like in your outside life?
  • Do you have rooms that you spend a great deal of time in and do they energize or drain you? You might find you frequent favorites places for lunch and even sit at the same table for coffee when it’s available.
  • Think about your furnishings; do you have items you chose yourself or were they hand-me-downs from family until you could afford what you really wanted? If they give you a bad “poor me” feeling is there any way you could jazz them up so that they felt fresh and new to you? This might reflect in your daily life with frequent “I can’t afford” that comments and feeling undervalued at work.
  • What colors are your rooms done in? Do these colors feel good to you? Do you also wear these colors as clothing? Wearing your favorite colors – the ones that look good on you is a great energy boost and is also one when you decorate your home with these same color.

Once you become aware of the energy drainers in your home and make changes to improve the overall feeling of your Home Space, you will find changes in your life occur automatically. For instance you might start seeing improvements in your relationships, career or health. When we begin to take notice of how we treat ourselves in our private spaces and take steps to improve our personal energy field, positive changes will ripple out into the rest of our personal space expression.

These questions are just a tiny sample of what I do for a Home Space Energy Review. Try applying these questions and making changes and see if you don’t notice improvements in your life as well.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


Energetic Design

There is a transfer of energy which occurs when we enter a decorated environment whether indoors or outdoors and I call this phenomenon “Energetic Design.” To give you a quick sample of what I am talking about try to recall how you felt the last time you walked into a public arena say for a baseball game or a theater for a play or a Starbucks for a coffee…now hold that feeling in your mind. Now recall how you felt the last time you walked into a library. Do you feel the difference in your body? These are extreme examples that are also defined by the fact that they are group settings versus private settings, so the dynamic is more powerful. But this example gives you the picture I want to talk about. New Bell Starbucks (1)

This is the energy I am speaking of when I discuss how you take up space because this taking -up-of- space includes the furnishings, colors and decor you surround yourself with. It also includes the colors and style of clothing you wear and it includes the “story” behind the items you own and surround yourself with.

Our Energetic Design “speaks” to those who see you even before you have said a word to them. For example the Goth style of dress some young adults wear, you know the all black look with heavy makeup, body piercing and colored hair. Without even saying a word the “energy” of their expression is speaking for them and depending on who is present the reception could be “cool” or “yuck” and will cause the recipient to either approach this Goth decorated person or back away. These are prejudices of course but that is what Energetic Design does, it creates in us a moment of “pre-judging” or first impression which may or may not be the full story. It is part of the story and we need to be aware of what Energetic Expression we are projecting to be sure this is an honest example of our truth or we could find we are being misunderstood.

The energy of furniture placement is what Feng Shui is all about and commercial building designers have been using the energy of color deliberately for years. Science tells us that the color red will encourage people to be hungry so you will often see red in restaurants.

One way to apply Energetic Design for yourself is to notice as you go about your week how the different places you visit make you feel. When you find a place that feels really comfortable to you, stop and break down the elements to see why this is. Perhaps it is the color they use or the type of furnishing, or the amount of window space that appeals to you. Doing this can help you as you decorate your home to be sure to include some of these same elements.

Years ago I discovered I tended to gravitate toward restaurants, business and stores that used a lot of green indoor plants. The other common decorating element here is window space to give the plants the light they need. So now I know that large open windows with gardens inside and out are important for me to have in my Home Space.

There are a few chain restaurants that I avoid eating at even though I love their food. The common element here is hard wood tables and chairs with tile floors without any soft fabric on the furniture, walls or windows to absorb the echo. I get a headache just standing in line to get my food so no way am I going to eat there!!

My local library has great seating, wonderful window lighting and a quiet environment EXCEPT they chose florescent lighting that hums loudly so I don’t spend time there either.

These are just a few examples of things you can notice about your environment and discover if they give you energy or take it away. Being conscious is the first step to making the changes you need to really energize your life.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


The Cleaning Party

Do you love to clean your home? Unless you are the rare individual you most likely say “no, but I like having it done.” The problem is it won’t “be done” unless someone does it. I have never had a cleaning service for my home and I am not sure I would like it. Our Home Space is filled with our personal things and to have a stranger come in and handle it just wouldn’t feel right to many of us, not to mention the cost involved. So the next best thing I have fouind is to make Cleaning Day an event. Cleaning Supplies

I first got this idea from the Disney movie “Snow White.” Remember how she cleaned the home of the Seven Dwarfs and sang that song “Whistle While You Work?” Now we don’t have a crew of cartoon birds to help us, but we can still make it fun. When I was a in grade school I would clean house every Saturday morning with my two sisters. We were each 4 years apart so our tasks were based upon our age and capability. The older sister would set up the party by putting the stereo on loud -usually it was The Beatles playing and then she would pour us each a Coke, and fill a bowl of potato chips. Our fun food snack would be in the kitchen when we needed it and we would clean the kitchen last.

We moved through the house together working in the same room, each doing a different task and singing along with The Beatles. It might have taken us longer to clean the house this way but I guarantee it was way more fun that doing the job alone and without the “fun” elements.

I recommend The Cleaning Party for all my clients –  especially the families who have a combination of personalities living together. This way the “neat freaks” don’t feel like all the messes are theirs to clean up and the “messy” ones get help organizing their stuff. If you live with others get everyone together for a family meeting. These are best done with food and an energy of fun as well. Make a chart of all that needs to be done and how often. Then assign tasks. Try to work together doing one room at a time if you can because then no one feels isolated and overwhelmed. Place your “Plan of Attack” on the refrigerator and on the selected day and time meet in your cleaning clothes and set up your Party elements. This can be fun music or a TV show playing in the background and set up your food station. Clean the kitchen last so that when you are done even the Party is cleaned up.

Remember that the Cleaning Party is only for the combined spaces that the family shares. All private room spaces need to be cleaned by the owner of that space unless they ask for help.

If you live alone – as I do now that I have an “empty next” – you can still have a Cleaning Party. These days my Party consists of a visit to Starbucks first, then I usually put on a funny TV show I have memorized and I take my list and move from room to room. I also have my lunch all prepared and waiting in the kitchen because the whole house takes me a whole day without help. One day I may hire some help but I know I will work along side of them-ha!

I hope this helps you embrace keeping your Home Space clean and functional for all live there!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Creating Harmony For The Odd Couple

Do you live with someone who isn’t as neat as you are? We find this sort of situation funny in a TV show like “The Odd Couple” but in real life it can add disturbing energy to the Home Space we share with others- and that is not good for anyone.

We are each born with unique predispositions so that a “mess” to one person is perfect organization to another. I have seen homes where I couldn’t imagine how they manage, but the people are able to find just what they want instantly. They tell me it’s a matter of having what they want handy and out in the open so they don’t forget it. Moving Day

Most energy workers would frown on this type of functionality. Feng Shui the Chinese art of placement, which is thousands of years old, promotes simplicity and organization and for the most part I agree. But of course I would – I am a Virgo after all-ha! However, during my 30 plus years as a designer I have seen many instances where a mess wasn’t really a mess, and to ask the owner to clean it up would be a great disservice to their creative energy. Only the beholder of the mess knows whether it is a problem or a style of living for them. In another post I will go over how you can tell the difference but for now I want to focus on how two polar opposite types can live in harmony together.

The first thing I would advise to a couple or family that has different views on mess and order is for them to grant each person a room of their own. If that is not possible then a room they have the right to create in their particular style of messy or neat. This space becomes “sacred space” to the one it belongs to and they get to have the whole space in their style of functionality without any judgment from others. Once each person has their designated space, the rest of the home is divided between all the other members in a manner that shares styles. For instance the living room – if this is the room they entertain guests in then this space would become a mostly “neat space” so as to allow guests space to sit and visit. The TV or family room might be a blend of the two with a designated chair space for the messy one and one for the neat one. To give you an example of this check out the TV show Frasier where the dad has his scruffy chair in the pristine modern Living Room of Frasier’s loft. The two parties agree not to “mess with” the others portion of each shared room and to be responsible for their part only.

For the “community rooms” in your home – those that you share and are half messy and half neat I suggest creating special days as “cleaning days.” In my experience the messy ones frequently feel overwhelmed by their mess and perhaps in need of some TLC attention. A special cleaning day is just the ticket. On this day you set aside time for the two of you (or whole family) to clean and tidy the home together. I call this a “Cleaning Party” and that is just what you want to make it. Put on a funny TV show you all love or music while you work. Have a coke or Starbucks coffee and fun snacks. Create a plan to go room to room and assign tasks ahead of time for each member. The key here is to HAVE FUN while cleaning and bonding. In this activity the Home Space becomes YOUR Home Space and is a great harmony booster.

With a set day and time for the whole family to clean together the messy one gets the help they need and the neat one doesn’t feel that all the cleaning is on their shoulders alone and both get bonding time. Acceptance is the gift of love we give to each other and to ourselves!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach





Tips for Energizing Your Personal Core Space

At the heart of our Personal Space lies our Core Space. Our Core Space travels with us everywhere we go during our day. This is the space that identifies what it means to be uniquely you. Don’t worry if you feel lost as to just who you are for we are constantly evolving as our life grows and changes. We are periodically called upon to re-invent ourselves during the space of our lifetime. Moving away from home, getting a new job in a different city or retiring from work altogether are examples of major life shifts that might rock our boats so to speak from time to time. Establishing a dynamic Core Space involves identifying and owning what matters to you most – what you value in life. Some of what you value as a teen will be different than what you value in your 30’s but not all of it. We are born with a unique set of predispositions due to our DNA and environment so some of our values will stick with us all of our lives. Knowing how to connect with and stay plugged into your Core Space will assist you greatly though all of life’s changes.

Vision Practice ChairHaving a sense of who you are at your “core” is vital for personal empowerment. Defining your core means to identify what it means to be uniquely you. You can do this by doing some self-discovery steps. Start with where you are now and review the activities and things fill your life. This would be where you spend your time and what items you have around you to support you in all that you are doing.

Core Space Review

  • Make a list of your typical day’s activities. Just the highlights will do.
  • Then note next to each activity what space you are in when you do them; such as bathroom, kitchen, car, office etc.… You can be as detailed as you want.
  • Next jot down how much time you spend at each activity
  • Now add up the minutes or hours you spend at each location/space

What you are discovering here is twofold…

First: You are discovering how many spaces you inhabit during the day, the variety of tasks you are involved in and how much time you devote to each task/area. This information will give you the foundation to then determine how all you do is affecting your energy.

Second: You are discovering how it is that you take your personal space with you wherever you go. Part of it travels with you (the clothes, hairstyle) and part is deposited in the space you vacated for when you need it and holds your spot when you vacate the space for a time. Items on your desk for instance like pens or coffee mug.

Once you have identified where you “live” each day and can see with an objective eye what items fill these spaces, you are now ready for the next task…how much of your stuff is in your Core Space vs how much of someone else’s stuff is filling your space?

My Stuff List

List all the items that are yours alone. For instance look at your work desk; most likely the computer, desk and chair belong to the company. But there will be items around your desk for your use that are unique to you and you own them. What you own is key here because what you choose to buy or call yours will give you great insight into the kind of person you are.

Other’s Stuff List

With this list you will want to stop a moment and review what belongs to others and ask yourself if you benefit from having it in your space (such as the company desk) or if it drains your energy (such as a gift you were given but do not love)

It is important to our personal energy to only have items we love in our space but especially in our Core Spaces because love is the highest vibration of energy and you want that for yourself.

Once you have your list of items organized the next step is to remove anything that you find depletes your energy. You can give it away, toss it or even simply move it to a different space – one that is more community space and not your Core Space.

Be sure to keep your Core Spaces full of items that are personal and energizing to you and you will find your life flows more easily as a result.

‘till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach



Do You Have a Theme Song?

All day today the 80’s song by Starship “We Built This City” has been playing a continuous loop in my head. It was the song that woke me up this morning when my alarm radio went off. They don’t usually stick like this all day long but I have noticed I frequently have a song playing in my head as I go about my day. Sometimes I wake up with songs in my head and not from the radio!  ha! But what I would LOVE to have more than anything is a theme song like Capt. Jack Sparrow had in the movie series The Pirates of the Caribbean! Pirates

From a Personal Space viewpoint it would so fun if just for a day each of us had a song playing ahead of our entrance into a room so people would know “we” were coming. Each song would be uniquely different and if they were the same tune it would be a unique version of the tune that would be all our own.

The other day I was doing major work on my townhouse going up and down the stairs and since I don’t have central music I put my cell phone on “music” and then placed it in my pocket. I got the effect of having music coming from me and I must say it was quite energizing

Now I realize that in the movies the hero or villain actor is not hearing their theme music when they act out their roll but imagine if they did – I suspect it would crack up Johnny Depp and they would have to do extra takes on the scene. Or if TV actors entering the dark alley or the haunted house could hear the warning music…why they would run for their lives-ha!

Music is vibration and vibration is energy. The music we listen to and what we hear in TV shows and movies helps to tell the story. So what is the “story” you want to tell?

Music Energy Tip:

  • Try it just for a day… ask yourself as you arrive at work “what is my theme song today?” Would it be “Hit the Road Jack” or perhaps “I’m Walking On Sunshine!?”
  • Don’t judge how you are feeling, just use the song that comes to mind to inform you.
  • If the song that matches your mood is sad, angry, or low energy see what song you wish you felt like. Play it on your cell phone and see if it doesn’t perk up your energy. This has worked for me tons of times.
  • I also deliberately use a favorite artist’s music or TV – movie theme song to set my energy for the day. For me a sure mood lifter is anything by the Jazzmasters or Paul Hardcastle  and lately I have been deliberately playing the theme song to the TV show “Enterprise” in the morning because the lyrics give me a positive boost and hopeful attitude. It’s called “Faith of the Heart” and it’s message really speaks to me.

What songs speak to you? What would be your theme song if you had one? Try listing to music deliberately to give your energy a lift and let me know how it works for you.

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

Right Brain Guide to Your Dream Career part 2

For the last three Tuesday Tips I have been sharing some techniques I discovered which have helped me find the job/career that I love and in this last segment we will end with the two part Visualization practice. In part one you will actually get quiet and visualize which opens your awareness, and in part two you will carry what you visualized and it’s energy with you during your day to help you become aware of the answers the Universe is sending you.

Time OutVisualization 

Sit quietly with the notepad in front of you and close your eyes…. Use your imagination and visualize yourself doing each of your favorite tasks one at a time….. Get to the place where you can feel what you are doing and how energized and happy it makes you feel….. Stay with this visualization for a few moments and be sure to allow and receive whatever comes to mind, no matter how bizarre it might seem.

When you feel the vision is done, jot down what you saw and then do the next skill (unless you saw more than one skill in the first vision)

Once you have imagined and felt each skill you will take a few deep breaths and visualize a candle flame of light in the center of your heart. Feel its warmth and comfort. Now notice how it illuminates your heart space…..”see it” expand and grow in a circle all around your heart. Take another deep breath and feel this heart light grow and expand to fill your body space…then another deep breath and surround your body in a bubble of light about 7 feet around yourself.

While in this state of expanded energy – imagine your vision again … of you doing and enjoying your desired skills and repeat this phrase I learned from Christie Marie Sheldon… “what would it take,”  and apply your desire at the end. For instance….

  • What would it take for a career/job using these skills (list them) to show up for me…
  • What would it take for me to know where to go to find a job/career I would love doing….
  • What would it take for this to happen quickly and easily for me…
  • What would it take for me to land this new career or position…

You can add any other request after the What Would It Take statement. You may not get an answer right away but stay open because it could come in an unconventional manner. Once you have reviewed your vision you can then take three deep breaths and stretch out your body. Next, write down any ting that came up in your journal.

The point of this exercise is to open you to something new, something you may not have known about or considered. Practice these statements every day and add them as your thoughts…such as when you are at your current job and hating something about it you can simply change your negative vein of thought and think “what would it take for me to love my job, or what would it take for a better job to come my way now” these statements take us up and over the problem where we can see the solution.

Now that you have awakened your Right Intuitive Brain you will want to stay aware of what happens in your life during the day. For the next week or so jot down in your journal any new ideas, or interesting coincidences that appear and see where your new expanded energy field is leading you. Stay with this until you have an answer that excites you. Then take the steps to fulfill your new inspiration.

If for some reason nothing new or exciting is happening I want you to add one more WWIT to your practice…what would it take for me to release all resistance to a new better job/career showing up for me…or what would it take for me to release all blocks to having a new better idea… you get the picture here. If you are not getting a new inspired idea to follow up on then you might be afraid or have a childhood programming that needs to be released.

If you want to know more about this technique check out Christie Marie Sheldon’s website  http://www.loveorabove.com/ – she is a fantastic intuitive healer and knows how to access our powerful hearts energy.

I send you many blessings of love and light as you journey to your next better career/job!

’till next time,
Ginger Marie
Your Personal Space Coach