Bread Crumb Clues

Just like Hansel and Gretel in Grimm’s Fairy Tales we too leave clues to help us find our way home again. Every day as we go about our business we leave “bread crumb”  clues for ourselves and if we noticed and used them they would lead us home to our True Authentic Self.

ClueYou might ask “what in the world is she talking about now? and What is a “bread crumb clue?” These clues come in the form of feelings and actions such a mild irritation, or stomach upset. They might come in the form of a cold or sinus attack. They can even come disguised as food cravings.

In our Home Space the clues are usually invisible to us but obvious to an outsider. For instance if I visit a home and find there are a lot of dishes in the sink or laundry in the laundry room I am able to notice and see this objectively because I don’t live there, and the items don’t belong to me. I may not know the reason for these events but it will be clear there is an unresolved issue. The people who live there might not “see” the dishes and laundry anymore because they are ignoring or dismissing it out of habit. Only the person who leaves the bread crumb will know what the message from their authentic self might be – but only if they stop and take an objective look now an then at what is going on around them will they even be able to see what is in front of their eyes.

Here are some common clues we may find in our Home Space. Look at each one and ask yourself if this was happening in your space what would the message mean for you?

  • A closet full of clothes all mixed together
  • A closet full of clothes organized by color
  • A closet full of clothes organized by type of item such as pants, skirts, jacket
  • Books on the shelf – some standing some turned backwards some lying down
  • Books on a shelf with the title facing out, straight and standing
  • Books on a shelf organized by author and type of content, straight and orderly
  • Pictures hanging straight on the wall, spaced together as a unit
  • Pictures hanging crooked on the wall with the glass full of smudges

This is just a quick sample of what I observe when I visit a home and the reasons behind each event are varied and diverse. There is one common element among all of them; when we stop to notice what we normally ignore or dismiss we can learn valuable information about what is going on in our lives and within our own psyche.

To give you a personal example: for myself a closet all organized means I am having a good week where I don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed. My closet gets messy when I have too many things unfinished in my life and I find if I will stop and organize my closet or drawers I suddenly feel better – as if I found the silver lining around my dark cloud. Soon the rest of what is going on in my world settles into order. Either I start getting more done because I am feeling better, or something happens and the item is deleted from my “to-do” list. Taking time for myself to do the little things makes a big difference in my overall energy.

What do your “bread crumb” clues say to you and are you willing to listen?

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach

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