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Have you ever wondered why you are so ridiculously tired after you move from one space to another? Of course not! You are too tired to have the energy to wonder!  However understanding the hidden components to your fatigue, and what tips you can apply to relieve this seemingly unending fatigue, will help to shorten the duration and even the depth of your fatigue.

RestingBesides the obvious reasons for being so darn tired; such as you are lifting and carrying boxes and furniture and are using muscles you don’t normally use, you are also “carrying” emotions. The emotions of grief are the most predominant. You might say “What? I am not grieving – I wanted to move to my dream house” But grief isn’t just about feeling sad because you lost something you wanted. Grief is the feeling we get when we make big shifts and changes. You went though grief when you graduated high school, when you got that promotion, and when you got married. You might not have realized that was what you were feeling but it was. Simply put, grief is the “transition” feeling from one way of living to another. Grief is neither good nor bad but it is a major component in the feeling of an exhausted body and mind.

So what tips do I recommend to manage your grief until the transition is finished? Well I bet you already know this one…its TLC – Tender Loving Care. Funny isn’t it how that is the one behavior we all seem to pitch out the window when we are making a big change. You think, “Oh I have to make a good impression in my new position I can’t rest now, or I have to get this new house all fixed up my friends want to see it.” The problem is that your body can’t take the stress and if you push you might find you don’t like your new job or your new home as much as you thought you would. Fatigue can really mess up our perspective.

Tips To Conquer Grief Fatigue

Tip #1:  Stop and question your attitude if it goes negative. How tired are you, and when was the last time you took a rest, or a break for a sit down meal? When did you last laugh and do something fun like watch a movie?

The July (think 110 degrees in Phoenix, Arizona) I divorced my husband, sold our family home, bought and moved the three of us to a new townhouse half the size of our home and my daughter went off to college, I thought I was going to lose my mind! Funnily enough having a young child saved me. Due to needing to meet my son’s needs I ended up taking breaks, making good meals and having some fun. To this day on my home’s anniversary I watch the movie “George of the Jungle” because that’s what we did when we needed to get away – it was in the theater that summer and really helped boost our energy to laugh at this silly movie.

Tip #2: Makes Lists – make the BIG list and then each night make a separate list of what you might tackle the next day. Cross off what you got done and save the list!! Refer to it when all you can think of is what you didn’t get done yet. It will cheer you up.

Top #3: Daily List – Look at your daily list and highlight ONE item to do for sure and let the rest go. If you get more done that’s gravy but no pressure- pressure is stress which aggravates your grief and will add to your healing time.

Tip #4: Take A Break- or Three – Schedule in rest breaks, sit-down food breaks and entertainment events for every day. Be sure to eat and drink favorite foods but don’t go overboard on the caffeine or sugar. Notice how much water you drink and make sure you get at least your regular amount.

Tip #5: Communicate – Tell your friends and family you love them and when you feel up to a party you’ll be sure to invite them, but for now the best gift they can give you is space or perhaps drop by with take out and help clean. (You’ll find who your really friends are)

Tip #6: Listen – No matter what is on your list or what time frame you are under; check in with yourself often and listen to what your body and mind are telling you. If you need to leave for a day – do it! You will find the next day you return to moving work you are most productive than ever.

I’ll have more on this subject in my next post. Good luck with your big change; whether it is a move of a whole home or just a few rooms, and remember to be your own best friend throughout the whole process.

’till next time,
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