Benefits of a Home Energy Review

There are many benefits to a Home Space Energy Review but among the top three are;

  1. Enhanced physical, mental and emotional energy
  2. Improved self esteem and personal value
  3. Overall well being and joy with life as a whole

While the Energy Review covers the entire home, I have included a few of the easy to fix and improve upon tips below… Home Energy Review

Light: How much natural light do you have in your home? If you can grow house plants you have good natural light, but if they won’t live for you, chances are your home is natural light deficient. There is no greater source of energy than our sun and it’s not necessary to be in direct sunlight to benefit from this energy. A daily practice of opening the drapes or the blinds will go a long way toward refreshing the space of each room. While you are at it, open a window for some fresh air as well. Just 15 minutes of light and air will reboot a room’s energy.

Electronics: How many electronic devices do you have in your home? Are they all in one room or scattered about? Having even one room where you don’t have electronic energy will be helpful to your health and I highly recommend this be the bedroom. No TV or internet, just a clock radio with music in the room where you sleep. Even your cell phone needs to be at least 10′ from your bed or you are taking in these frequencies during your sleep. Add a few living house plants the rooms with the most electronic devises. Low light plants like “Mother-in-Law Tongue” or “Pothos” will do the trick.

Favorites: Do you like your furnishings? Is there a room you avoid? Look around your home and list the items you find you might want to change. Perhaps you have an accessory or chair gift you never really liked, or an area that could use some fresh color energy. Get out a notepad and jot down on one side the items you don’t like and on the other side what you would prefer instead. Next see if you can let something go and fill the space with either something new or from another room – just make sure you like your change better than what you had before. Do this periodically like twice a year will keep your home free of unwanted energy.

Fresh Energy: Is there a space that has been the same for a long time and it feels “old” and stale to you? Our homes are full of reflections of our own inner energy and as such the items inside need to shift and evolve as we do ourselves. Try changing out the colors with the seasons or holidays. Add fresh flowers on a regular basis either cut in a vase or potted ones like mums which last longer. If you can manage to do this in your space, move the furniture pieces around. It’s amazing how sitting in a new spot can open your eyes to a new perspective of your room and of your life!

Below is an example of what can happen after making the changes suggested from one of my Home Reviews…

You now have a favorite room (or space) designated as your very own with a Private Space chair that you love. It’s comfortable; it’s in the colors you love and is in a great spot by the window with all your books nearby. When you return at the end of your day, your favorite chair is waiting for you. Sitting in this space comforts you and anchors you. While you sit here you read and do the things that make you happy and you also day-dream while in this chair. One day while sitting here you realize that many of your day-dreams have come true, in fact your day-dreaming has become more of an action  planning session because you actually believe in yourself and in your dreams. You believe that you can have them come true, so you go about making them happen. You made your Home Space work for you and now your life and health are working for you as well. Self love and respect directs your actions now and your life is happier than ever.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? We each deserve to have this kind of energy for ourselves in our homes. Try out the tips I suggest and see how they make you feel. Then get yourself a full Home Energy Review and really rock your world!

’till next time,
Your Personal Space Coach


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