Are You Lost in a Sea of Choices?

Have you ever stopped to notice how many cars there are available to buy today? There is such a large variety available to choose from it’s amazing we can ever decide what to pick! Even if you are only looking at new cars you can be overwhelmed with choices. So do you simply go to the store/dealership and get what you want without any research? Not likely. You could I guess, but then you’d be stuck with it for a few years and that’s a large investment to leave to chance.

There are over 50 manufactures (or companies) that build cars worldwide. Do they offer one type of car each? Nope. Each model of car comes in different “makes” of car usually determined by the year it was made. In 2011 there were over 170 makes available, not to mention multiple model variations and untold number of features to choose from such as color, fabric, audio and tires!

Once you know what make, model and features you want, you have to research and choose how you will pay for the car. Do you buy or lease it? You can pay cash of course or finance it. If you are going to finance it do you go through a dealership, or the bank, or the credit union or AAA? Notice I stuck with new cars only in this scenario, if you are looking at used cars the selection multiplies (more model years to chose from) but the features are already chosen for you (color, audio etc) so some of the items you would have preferred are no longer an option. Personalized Car

Does this seemingly unending number of choices remind you of anything? It makes me think of our fingerprints. Do we have unlimited possibilities in the car we choose to drive around in because we too are unlimited? There are no two of us alike as proven by our unique DNA and fingerprints. We haven’t even begun to consider that once you take possession of this car…once you got inside with your purse, or briefcase or drink beverage, that car would become “personalized” it would be UNIQUELY YOURS!! Again, just like your fingerprints. Oh yah, your license plate number will be unique too. So because we choose to “own” them and we each want something different, there are no two cars alike in the world!

Can you see from this example why making sure your choices are your own (and not what someone else tells you to get) can greatly affect your life? If you don’t take the time to know yourself and your preferences and express them consciously, you might end up with a car (or a life) that you hate. How much time do you spend in your car? How many years do you keep the same car? How much do you rely on it? Once you develop the knack of being clear on what it means to be you and then go about doing that day after day, decisions like this car example that affect your daily live become easier and smoother to implement.

So, what kind of car do you drive? Do you love it? Is it you? Drop me a note…
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