Active Gratitude

Today in the United States (where I live) is Thanksgiving Day. Many countries celebrate a special day just to give thanks and today I want to challenge both myself and my readers to consider taking this holiday and making active gratitude a daily practice.

Gratitude in Expression

Sharing your positive energy in the form of recommendations and repeat business is an active form of being grateful. When you spread the word publicly about something you found helpful, meaningful and fabulous you not only assist others in solving problems they might be having, but you also tell the Universe that you want this kind of energy to come your way as well when you need it. Good deeds are always reciprocated – just not necessarily from the same person you just gave to.

Actions speak louder than words but not nearly as often. “
Mark Twain

We naturally return to restaurants and stores that give us good food and great service. But it is not so natural a behavior for us to tell others about this. I don’t know if it is because the TV and written news is so negative or if it is human nature but we seem to find it easier to focus on what we don’t like and then we tend to “water it” by telling others about it.

Let’s change that and make it a point to tell at least one person every day about one item, store or event we enjoyed and will continue to give our patronage to. Who knows we might just find we start getting more of what we want in life instead of what we don’t want. Let’s take our gratitude and make it public!!

Pay It Forward

You have heard the phrase “pay it forward” and perhaps have seen it in action such as in the drive-through line at Starbucks where one customer will pay for the items the car behind them has ordered. This can go on for hours at Starbucks as everyone in line wants’ to give the same good vibration of energy that they just received.

The opposite form of “pay it forward” can be seen in mob mentality. We see it all too often on the news how an angry crowd at the end of a sports event gathers and builds up its negative energy and starts smashing windows and trashing cars. Energy has a life of its own but our intention behind it can divert negative energy if we will just stop and send our good energy out.

I tend to avoid the TV news. They are just too focused on what I call “Ain’t It Awful” energy but if I find myself witnessing something distressing on the news I will stop and recognize it as an opportunity to divert the negative energy. I will literally focus my heart energy toward the news event by seeing my energy as a ball of loving light which I visualize sending to the distress I hear about or see on the TV. I know without a doubt that even if I alone cannot stop the tide of negative energy I can at least “pay forward” my good vibration and help dilute it a little. I used to belong to a focus group that did this very step collectively and we actually saw results – so I know it works.

We are each here to fulfill a unique purpose – one that requires the help and energy of others to be successful. So let’s help ourselves and others by actively being grateful for our life and pay forward our good opinion, happy results, loving light energy and kind words. After all what is it you really want more of in this world?

‘till next time,
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