About Ginger

Personal Space Coach©– a self empowerment program I created, was born from my desire to encourage others to express themselves as the unique individual they were born to be. Our fingerprints are not the same and neither are our desires, hopes and dreams, so it stands to reason that our self expression would be different from everyone else’s. Yet in our highly commercialized world we are encouraged to be like everyone else, as if people could ever come in a “one size fits all” format. 6A9A1371-2

I have been blessed with a wide variety of interests and among the many subjects I have studied over the years there are three that have come together to create Personal Space Coach; interior design, education and self-help. A bachelor’s degree in Home Economics Education was the first degree I received and during the past 30 years I have taught just about every subject, to students ranging in age from 5 to 80 years old. The decorating phase of my career began as a shop-at-home coordinator designing and selling custom window coverings. It was while doing this that I discovered I had a knack for assisting my clients in creating environments that enhanced their self esteem while achieving their decorating objectives.

I was so caught up in how our interior décor affected our sense of well being that I went back to school and earned a second degree in interior design. As a decorating consultant I found the most satisfaction in my work came when I was able to coach my clients and help them create interiors that came from their heart. Too often I found that the outside world invaded even the home space we live in with its commercialism and brand name promotions. I have always felt it crucial that the home space be highly personalized and beholden only to those who live there and not some designer’s vision.

The processes I present here were born from my personal and professional experiences over the years. I have been on a self-empowerment journey my entire life and the subject of taking up space is dear to my heart. The idea of how to take up space and gain power first took root in my childhood. Being one of 10 siblings forced me to get creative in order to find space for myself. It wasn’t easy to find a place of solitude where I could think and gather energy. So I learned early on the value of having private personal space.

“The unexamined life is not worth living” –  Socrates

Join me on this journey to examine life by observing and improving how we take up space, especially in our own homes. Let’s uncover and express our unique and dynamic personality for all the world to see and know!

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