This is Your Space!


  • Personal Space is all about YOU – it is your birthright to live the unique, one-of-a-kind life you were born to have.
  • Personal Space is energy – our very own energy power plant to be used any way we desire.
  • All that is needed to activate this energy is recognition, awareness and acceptance of your space and then use it to create your dream life.
  • When we fully own our space and time we reduce the stress in our lives and fill our life with the love and joy we desire.

Personal Space is composed of four parts:

Soul Space

Body Space

Home (heart) Space

Life (expression) Space


The Personal Space Journey is a “personal archaeological dig” where you discover and reveal your true self. In this website you will find a variety of tips, programs, practices and tools to assist you on your own journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment.

It doesn’t matter where you begin your personal archaeological dig, in fact I encourage you to begin with what interests you first. Perhaps you want to explore your Body Space and energize your health, or maybe it’s your Home Space you want to focus on first. You can skip around in any manner you like for all roads point home-to your authentic self and your personal empowerment.

Life is an adventure meant to be enjoyed!

Ginger Marie
Your Personal Space Coach